Taliban Holds Mock Funeral for NATO, Shows Off Black Hawks

The Jews have been sending our lads back in boxes with flags draped on them for two decades. Now the Jew system itself is in a box!

It’s not just a rumor that the Taliban is based and reads /pol/.


After nearly 20 years of fighting against the US in Afghanistan, the victorious Taliban posed with captured American gear at the Kabul airport, held a mock funeral for NATO in Khost, and flew a Black Hawk helicopter over Kandahar.

The last US troops left the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday, just before the clock struck midnight local time. On Tuesday morning, Taliban fighters strolled through the airport they now controlled, littered with debris, posing for photos with the captured vehicles, aircraft and equipment.

Taliban leaders reviewed a “special forces” unit, equipped with weapons and gear captured from the US-trained Afghan army, on the Kabul runway.

“It is a historical day and a historical moment…. we liberated our country from a great power,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, adding that the past two decades should serve as “a big lesson for other invaders, a lesson for the world.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged on Tuesday that a lot of US equipment with “a lethality component to it” has fallen into Taliban hands, but said it doesn’t pose a threat to the US or neighboring countries.

“These are not the kinds of things that the Taliban can make great strategic use out of,” Kirby told reporters.

The Taliban thought otherwise, however, showing off at least one newly acquired Black Hawk helicopter in the skies over Kandahar in a couple of videos.

It really just makes zero sense that the US handed all of this equipment over like this.

It is such a massive screw-up, and it is going to be such an obviously long-running point of humiliation for the entirety of ZOG and its stupid anal feminist ideology.

Of course, it was clear that “anal feminist Afghanistan run by American-educated university professors” was not going to work out. That was clear for a long time.

But leaving the equipment like this?

The bizarre airport debacle?

Who is even in charge of this? No one seems to have any idea. Is it General Milley and that black guy?

This is just going to keep going like this. I think the Western media is kind of just not going to report on it so much.