Taliban Finishes Off Opposition, Now has Total Control of the Country

The Taliban is really talented at war.


Celebratory gunfire has erupted over Kabul amid reports that the Taliban has defeated the Panjshir Valley ‘resistance’. The latter’s commander earlier rejected the claims.

Tracers streaked across the night sky on Friday evening local time, reminiscent of celebrations on Tuesday following the departure of the last US airplane from Kabul. There were different reports as to the occasion, however, with RT’s senior correspondent Murad Gazdiev hearing both talk of victory in Panjshir and the arrival of the Taliban’s leader.

Panjshir Valley, located north of Kabul and made into a separate province by the US-backed Afghan government after the Taliban was ousted in 2001, controls a key strategic road to eastern Afghanistan. As of Thursday, it was held by fighters loyal to Ahmad Massoud, son of an anti-Taliban leader assassinated in 2001, who declared themselves the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRFA).

Among the ‘resistance’ is Amrullah Saleh, who served as vice president in the US-backed government and now styles himself the rightful president of Afghanistan.

That was the last holdout.

The US is going to have to send in ISIS if they want to harass these cave people further for their weird purposes.

I wish I made videos. I would make one with the Mary Tyler Moore theme song and pictures of the Taliban laughing.

They really look happy.

I wish men in my country were happy.