Taliban Captures Fifth Provincial Capital in 3 Days as Entire Legacy of the Bush Wars is Erased in Total

PICTURED: CNN reporter hanging around the Taliban, hoping that some gang of Islamic conquerors wanders upon her too whacked-out on hashish to notice her age and gang-rapes her.

It’s hilarious that the entire legacy of the longest war in American history is being wiped out in just a few days by a gang of elite Islamic bandits.

However, I can’t shake the feeling that this is all on purpose, and will sooner, rather than later, be used to justify a new invasion of the country.


The Taliban have seized the city of Taloquan in northeastern Afghanistan, marking the fifth provincial capital to fall under their control in just a matter of days, a local journalist confirmed to CNN on Monday.

Taloquan, the capital of Takhar Province, is the latest in a string of victories that come as foreign forces, led by the United States, complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The first provincial capital, Zaranj, near the Iranian border, fell to the Taliban on Friday. The next, Sherberghan, near the Turkmenistan border, fell on Saturday.

The insurgents then seized Kunduz, a strategically important provincial capital in northern Afghanistan, on Sunday — making it the first major city to fall to the Taliban since it began its offensive in May. With a population of 375,000, Kunduz is a significant military prize.

Also on Sunday, Taliban forces mostly overran the provincial capital city of Sar-e-Pul in the country’s north.

The country’s swift descent into violence has shocked many.


In the first six months of this year alone, the Red Cross has helped provide treatment for more than 49,500 people injured in conflict nationwide, as fighting escalates around the country and as many flee in search of safety. There are fears even the national capital, Kabul, could fall.

In the past week, the US has increased airstrikes against Taliban positions in a bid to halt their advances. The Taliban has accused the US of bombing a hospital and a high school, along with other civilian targets in Helmand Province. CNN could not independently verify their claims.

“US forces have conducted several airstrikes in defense of our Afghan partners in recent days,” Maj. Nicole Ferrara, a US Central Command spokesperson, told CNN on Sunday, sidestepping a question about the targets of the strikes.

On Sunday evening, Muhammad Naeem Wardak, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political bureau, warned the US against further intervention in Afghanistan.

There is no ceasefire agreement with the Afghan government on the horizon as the Taliban continues its military gains, he told news network Al Jazeera Arabic. He also blamed the Afghan government for starting the recent fighting.

“The Afghani government is the one who chose to start the war in different provinces,” Wardak said. “The measures that (the) Taliban took were in response and reaction to the government attacks and actions.”

Dropping bombs on them at this point is akin to a lone man with a can of Raid! taking on an entire swarm of locusts. It was only ever possible to make any in-roads against the Taliban by sending in wave upon wave of troops to hold territory.

The so-called “Afghan government” is synonymous with the US occupation. It is quite literally a “puppet government,” put in place in a barbaric and enthusiastic attempt to justify the prolonged occupation and meddling in the natural order of the region.

Naturally, and according to nature, those wild hills are intended to be run by wild men. It is not only the Taliban that has been waiting for order to be restored, but all of the citizens of the region, who knew that the foreign-enforced system was ridiculously unnatural, and would not be capable of resting easy until the Taliban was restored to their rightful position as King Bandit.

The installation of the so-called “Afghan government” was no different than forcibly installing a Disney princess as the captain of a pirate ship. The crew might go along with it with knives at their throat, but they’d be lying in wait to gang-rape the bitch and slit her pretty little throat as soon as the pressure from this strange hand of a foreign god capable of making fire rain from the sky let up on them.

The reason this Genghis Khan run through the provinces is so easy is that the masses of people are meeting the Taliban as liberators, come to restore the balance of the universe to their backward, inbred corner of this miserable third planet from the sun.

The Taliban are the King Mob, and the Lords of Righteous Violence.

They act with God on their side, and their purpose is always explicit and definite. There is no hesitancy or confusion when they act, no stumbling. Their mission is pure.

They move with the certainty and self-assured swagger of Tupac or 50 Cent, rolling with a deep crew. There is an air of condescending boredom around them whenever they are forced by circumstance to pause their orgy of violence.

Even at their holy prayers, they look bored. They pray only for their angry god, who touched down on the black rock in the desert many centuries earlier, to feed them more blood.

If I had the ability to speak and make manifest my ideal notion of a White Nationalist group, I would speak “White Taliban.”

Of course, the white man is too neurotic, domesticated, and sexually deformed to reach such peaks of masculine terror.

The only thing we can do is observe these mountain soldiers of the Apocalypse, and take notes, as we await the time when necessity of circumstance will be the force that brings forth the White Taliban.

God bless them, I say.

But it all seems too good to be true.

I suspect that we are moments away from the Biden people announcing that they’ve decided to leave a cadre of mercenaries behind to defend women’s rights in Kabul.

Women’s rights in Kabul
Women’s rights in Kabul