Taliban Breaks Up Mob of Unhinged Whores Making Outrageous Demands!

In the first report on this protest, I noted that the photos were the only ones I’d seen of anyone in Afghanistan wearing masks, and noted that the photo was just as likely taken in America.

ABC News:

Afghan women say they were teargassed and beaten at a protest in Kabul on Saturday, as Taliban rule continues to be met with reported armed resistance in Panjshir and a looming humanitarian crisis.

An estimated 100 women gathered outside the building of the Defense Ministry in Afghanistan’s capital before it was dispersed, according to one of the demonstrators, and they have vowed to continue protesting despite fearing reprisals.

Sudaba Kabiri, 24, a university graduate who has left her employment at an private company since the Taliban took over, told ABC News that they would continue to protest to show “we are part of this society” and resist a return to the darkest days of the 1990s, when the Taliban were last in power.

This was not the first women-led protest in Afghanistan this week. On Friday, protesters gathered outside the presidential palace in Kabul, carrying placards with slogans such as, “A society in which women are not active is a dead society,” after another protest in the city of Herat on Thursday.

Can I get a source on that?

Women were not “active” in any society before the 19th century, and everyone seems to have been pretty alive back then.

One of their signs is demanding female politicians…!

They look as irate as any unhinged whores I’ve witnessed in my day.

It must be quite a shock for those filthy skanks to have been living the high-life under the US Anal Occupation and then have the Taliban bring down the hammer.

The event does look to have actually happened.

The fact that this specific news story is true, however, makes it the exception.

The media is printing fake stories that they’ve made up, and citing rumors.

Despite the fact that the source is usually “a Facebook post,” they are reporting all kinds of atrocity stories as if they were 100% fact.

This is nothing new, of course. They’ve done this throughout the period of these wars.

Most famously, the Jews made up nonsensical stories about things that supposedly happened to them during the Holocaust.

I have good Holocaust stories lists on this site in various places, but here’s a bulletpoint summary of some of the best stories:

  • The Wall of Eyes
  • The Stairs of Death
  • Lampshades of Human Skin
  • Bars of Soap from Human Fat
  • Homicidal Masturbation Machines
  • Jews Raised by Wolves
  • Changing the Color of People’s Eyes
  • Forcing People to Climb Trees Then Cutting Down the Trees
  • Jews Forced to Impersonate Roosters Until They Fell Out of Trees
  • Babies Thrown Out of Windows
  • Babies Drowned in Buckets
  • Babies Burned in a Bonfire
  • Shooting Three Babies with One Bullet
  • Jews Killed in a Truck by Speeding Around Corners
  • Jews Machine-Gunned and Sold as Meat
  • Rollercoaster Into an Oven
  • Waterslides Into a Gas Chamber
  • Kicking Out a Jew’s Diamond Teeth
  • Killing Jews with Bicycles
  • Dead Jews Used to Fertilize Fields
  • Dog Soup
  • Crucifying Jews
  • Jews Crowd-Surfing in the Cattle Car
  • Throwing Jews Into Cement Mixers
  • Nazi Dog Pushes a Jew Woman Into a Pond

I recently discovered that a story of a Jew who had his hands chopped off and sewn back onto the wrong arms is still up on the New York Times website:

You would think they would delete stuff like that. But they do not.