Tales of Vibrancy: 75-Year-Old German Woman Tells of Diverse Enrichment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2016

Here we have one of the nuttiest videos yet.

A 75-year-old woman is giving a street interview in Hamburg about the migration situation in Germany. She tells about a Black man looking at an erect penis on an iPad on the train. When she looked over and saw it, he asked her if she liked it.

She tells the tale of another migrant wanting in her bag at a park, and when she said no he got up and started screaming “fuck you, fuck you, ficki ficki.”

As she is telling this tale and giving other thoughts on the invasion situation, the interview is interrupted by “integrated” Albanian filth. The boys begin insulting the old woman, saying she is wrong about Islam.

She mocks Angela Merkel for claiming that “We can do it” when Muslims have nothing but hatred for Western civilization and kill Christians openly in their countries. Rich Muslim countries refuse accept a single refugee and even EU states close their borders to this insanity – while Germany has to accept millions.

The Muslim men that interrupt her deny any occurrences of beheadings, claim that lack of integration “wouldn’t cause much damage” and that “we are all human”.

Angela Merkel is childless and never leaves home without bodyguards or bulletproof windows – she lives in a “glass palace”, as the woman puts it.

The current German government peruses a policy of completely open borders to anyone and limitless immigration. Germany does not differentiate between genuine war refugees and economic migrants and actively advertises to young men in some of the poorest nations on earth to “avoid the demographic decline”. Current estimates by CSU Minister Seehofer reach as high as 9 million migrants per year starting 2016 if you account for family reunifications.

Germany taxpayers pay billions to third world nations and accept a seemingly endless number of foreign “refugees” while German women remain childless.

The reasoning: There is no money for German children but there is suddenly enough for 350,000 completely new built houses, language courses, health care and welfare for people who would slit your throat and rape you at the next best occasion. One economist estimates the cost for this at 1,000,000,000,000€ for the next years.

Germany has the lowest historic birth rate on Earth and native Germans are expected to go extinct within the next 100 years.

The modern day leftists in Germany demand an unconditional basic income for the entire world – financed by the taxpayer.

Many Germans now feel that they are actively wiped out as they become minorities in their own cities and can no longer feel safe when traveling alone. Hence, the Alternative for Germany, a recently founded party, is gaining astonishing amount of support as it is the only country that acknowledges the existence of native Germans.

This is the future you chose.