Taking the Vaccine and Worshiping Black People are Signs of Submission to the Beast

A hundred-year-old church in Minneapolis burned and partially collapsed on Monday as the city braces for the aftermath of the Derek Chauvin trial, which is likely going to result in mass violence regardless of the verdict.

Firefighters responded to a call at the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the evening, and by 9 PM the Fire Department had announced that the majority of the roof had collapsed.

Apparently, no one is being charged with arson, though it sure would be a wild coincidence if this church had caught fire of natural causes in the middle of ongoing violence in the city.

Much of the last year’s violence associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa has involved targeting churches.

The footage of National Guard troops watching the church burn is particularly daunting.

Remember: the United States is currently in the midst of aggressively telling both Russia and China – among many other countries – that they must adopt the American system of government and the American social order if they do not want to be targeted by wars of aggression.

The church is located on the 2200 block of Fifth Street Northeast. According to Google Maps, this is a 12-minute drive or a one-hour walk from the Hennepin County Courthouse.

As you would expect, protests in the area are ongoing.

The defense is wrapping up, and the trial could finish this week.

It’s not at all clear how anyone could possibly determine that Derek Chauvin purposefully murdered George Floyd, or that he did anything other than simply follow standard operating procedure in holding Floyd down after he’d wiggled his way out of the back of the police car.

However, it is possible that the jury will decide that they would rather see an innocent man sent to prison than see an entire nation burn. Jurors are people, and it is ridiculous to imagine that they are not going to consider these things in making their judgement – particularly given that the judge refused to sequester them (put them in isolation for the remainder of the trial) following the riots related to the killing of Good Boy by Cunt Patrol.

Any juror who votes to let Chauvin walk is also effectively voting for mass violence across the entire United States.

That said, it’s clear that there is going to be mass violence either way. If the jury decides to convict Chauvin, the Jewish media will simply look for another reason for the blacks to riot.

It’s going to be a white boy summer. I can tell you that much.

Lying evangelical charlatans are claiming that the vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast and they are basing this claim on the false and heretical doctrine that a “rapture” will remove all Christians before the dawn of the end times.

As they shill the satanic vaccine, which is made out of aborted babies, they are also claiming that shutting down churches under the guise of the pandemic hoax is not a satanic, anti-Christian conspiracy by the Jewish-run government. (These same Christians are telling you to “look over there” at China, where Christians have been allowed to attend church freely throughout this so-called “pandemic.”)

What do these evangelical fiends say about Antifa burning churches, I wonder?

It is a known Biblical fact that during the end times, the majority of Christian leaders will be puppets of Satan.

So, when you see that the overwhelming majority of Christians are preaching the same doctrine, you can pretty well assume that this doctrine is a satanic deception, simply based on the fact that they are all preaching it.

But then when you realize that these people are promoting the sickening Satan-worshiping Jews, you can know as a matter of fact that they are deceivers. Certainly, it is possible for good people to be caught up in a deceit, but anyone who presents themselves as a preacher of God’s word, and is also promoting the Jews, is a deceiver and an agent of Satan.

There is no good or logical explanation as to why a Christian leader would promote the Christ-killing Jews.

This is to say: we have already well entered the phase of the persecution of Christians. That has well begun. They have closed our churches in the name of a virus, they have told us we must be injected with a “vaccine” created using the corpses of aborted infants, they are now burning places of worship.

The line between Christian and non-Christian is being drawn along the line of who will submit to the Beast and take the vaccine, as well as who will bow before the new idol that is black people.

Kneeling before these blacks is, as an absolute matter, a form of idol worship.

The only things a man is permitted to kneel to are God and King, and when a Christian kneels before the latter, he is actually kneeling before God, as the King is simply an agent of God, and can only be kneeled before so long as he is serving the will of God.

As we have seen, the preacher of these doctrines, both the doctrines of the coronavirus and the doctrines of worshiping the blacks, is that woman Jezebel, whom the churches have allowed to preach.

The end has already begun. If someone tells you it is impossible that the End Times have begun because they didn’t get raptured up yet, that person is either deceived or is a deceiver, and is both useless and dangerous.

I will close with the Archangel saying what I am always myself saying: