Take These Pills, Bitch: US Signs $5.3 Billion Pfizer Deal for Corona Pills

It’s not even a joke that they are going to start telling people to take daily pills to combat the deadly coronavirus. The pills will probably have some kind of tranquilizer in them, just in case you’ve turned down the marijuana and opioids the US markets have on offer.


The U.S. will pay Pfizer Inc. $5.3 billion for an order of 10 million courses of its experimental Covid-19 pill beginning later this year.

The purchase is contingent on U.S. clearance of the Covid oral antiviral, which Pfizer has applied for, according to a statement from the company Thursday. Bloomberg News reported the order earlier, citing people familiar with the situation, without the financial details. The shares gained 0.6% at 9:40 a.m. Thursday in New York.

Pfizer has become one of the companies most involved in the response to the pandemic, with its Covid pill and messenger RNA vaccine developed with Germany’s BioNTech SE. The U.S. said Wednesday that it would offer funds to companies including Pfizer to expand mRNA vaccine production.

The U.S. antiviral order “looks like just the beginning, suggesting the bottom end of the $7.5-$25 billion sales range for the drug in our scenario analysis is too low,” Sam Fazeli, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, said in a research note. “The implied price of $529 a course is driven by the volume of the U.S. deal, equating to 20% of Pfizer’s 2022 production expectations.”

The vaccines were supposed to be a miracle cure. Lord Fauci said they were going to completely eliminate the alleged coronavirus.

Instead we’re talking about treating this supposed infectious virus as an eternal illness.

So what was the point of the vax, actually?

They’re admitting that there was no point, at the same time that they are forcing people to take it.

This is what happens when you separate from God – the truth disappears, and statements are not required to have any informational content.