“Take My Daughter’s Kids Away!” Grandmother Shares Pictures of Her Daughter’s Filthy House

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2019

There’s this idea that women are still taking care of the house these days. It’s totally wrong. Women are not taking care of anything anymore, because men are no longer keeping them in check.

The vagina has been unleashed, and this is the result.

Daily Mail:

A grandmother has called for her daughter’s children to be taken away after they are made to live in squalid conditions – while their mother is pregnant with her sixth child. 

Shocking images have revealed the horrific conditions five children have to live with under with their mother.

Family members of the children, aged seven, six, four, two and one, claim they rarely get enough food and should be taken away from the mother.

The concerned grandmother and aunt shared images of the squalid property, which ‘reeks of urine and faeces’.

The relatives said the children are ‘good as gold’ but the mother ‘just does not seem to care’ and would rather blame others than take responsibility.

That’s just how women are, really.

The grandmother told Grimsby Live: ‘My daughter, above anyone else, should not be having children, let alone another one.

Something needs to be done to remove my grandchildren from that hellhole that they are living in.’

But that would be extremely misogynistic, grandma. Your daughter is a fully independent strong wombman that needs no man, no help, and no grandma. Not cleaning the house and not taking care of her kids is empowering, and women’s empowerment is something that should be celebrated.

Get on with the times, granny.

I have spent hours upon hours in that house trying to clean it, but then I will return the next day and it will be like a bomb has gone off.’

She said: ‘If I could, I would take custody of these kids myself, so that we are able to bring them up in a nice and safe place.

‘They have told me that they do not like living in that house.

For years they have asked me if I can teach their mum how to bake and do nice things with them, because we do that at my house, but not hers.

That is what happens when women are not supervised by men. We were brainwashed into thinking women could act rationally, that they were just like us but were not able to demonstrate it because we’ve been oppressing them for a long time, that men and women were equals, and that women can offer something to the world other than their holes. We’re not equals. Women are very different, and very inferior.

But our society keeps pretending women are just men with vaginas, and our children keep suffering because of it.

The kids from this story are suffering because of it. Their whore mother needed to be kept in check by a man, but instead she was let loose, and this is the result.

Men should be legally allowed to beat women into humanness.

The well-being of children depends on it.