Taiwanese Merchants Caught Relabeling Chinese Masks as Made in Taiwan a Second Time

It’s really stupid to get caught. This is an incredibly useful scam.

Taiwan could do this with all kinds of products and make big money with the West now moving to isolate China.


The owner of a company in Tainan was detained Wednesday for allegedly selling falsely labeled non-medical grade masks from China and Vietnam, according to the Ciaotou District Prosecutors Office.

The company owner, Huang Chao-yu (黃朝玉), is suspected of repackaging the masks in boxes and plastic bags labeled “Three-layered medical grade masks, Made in Taiwan, Approved by the Food and Drug Administration,” prosecutors said.

Some of the boxes also bore the counterfeit trademark of another Taiwanese company, they said.

On Wednesday, a Kaohsiung court granted prosecutors’ request for Huang to be held in detention after he was summoned for questioning the previous day, the prosecutors’ office said.

In a press statement, the office said it began looking into the case after it received a tip-off, and prosecutors on Tuesday went to two locations in Kaohsiung that were selling the falsely labeled masks.

The masks were traced to Huang’s company, and when prosecutors searched one of the company’s warehouses the same day, they found 15,000 masks, 500 packaging boxes and 2,000 labels, according to the statement.

The obvious takeaway here is that being a “democracy” doesn’t prevent the Taiwanese from engaging in unethical merchant behavior.

Steve Bannon, Mike Pompeo and several others are saying that Richard Nixon failed and we have to overthrow the Chinese government because they’re engage in unethical mercantile activities. However, if you overthrow the Chinese Communist Party and install a bunch of Taiwanese traitors to run the mainland government, you’re going to have the same situation and it would actually probably be much worse.