Taiwan Celebrates First Ever Legal Kidnapping of a Child by Homosexuals


This is exactly why we need to go to war with China to protect Taiwan.

Taiwan represents our values of democracy, and that’s who we are, folks.

The Guardian:

Wang Chen-wei and Chen Chun-ju sign papers after ruling allows Chen to register as parent alongside Wang

A married same-sex couple have become the first in Taiwan to legally adopt a child neither of them are related to, after they challenged local laws in court.

Wang Chen-wei, Chen Chun-ju, and their daughter, nicknamed Joujou, were surrounded by press at the Taipei household registration office, as the couple formally signed adoption paperwork after a long battle. Clutching Joujou, her face hidden behind a hoodie, face mask and sunglasses, Wang and Chen told of their bittersweet victory.

“I have everything now. I am married and just like heterosexual couples, we can have our own children,” Wang said. “But we were born to have and enjoy all of this, we are not a charity case. We shouldn’t have had to fight for it.”

Taiwan legalised same-sex marriage in 2019, becoming the first jurisdiction in Asia to do so, but did not remove all inequalities for LGBTQI people. Full legislation rather than an amendment was passed. It includes a provision that allows someone to adopt a spouse’s biological child, but says nothing about adoption rights if neither partner is the biological parent. The provision does not exist in other marriage laws.

The result is that in Taiwan any single person can apply to adopt a child, and any married heterosexual couple can apply together. But for married same-sex couple, the only option is to divorce and one of the couple adopts as a single person. They can then remarry, but current law does not allow the partner to adopt and be registered as a parent, leaving them without equal rights.

“Gay adoptive families are forced to choose between children and spouses, and between adoption and marriage,” Chen and Wang wrote on Facebook shortly after signing the adoption papers.

Wang and Chen have been together for more than 16 years, and embarked on the adoption journey together. They delayed their marriage in order to complete Wang’s adoption of Joujou, and then took the case to court to have Chen recognised as a parent.

On 25 December, the Kaohsiung juvenile and family court ruled that a child should not be discriminated against because of their parents status, and that the law did not expressly prohibit the adoption of adopted children. The ruling allowed Chen to adopt Joujou and be registered as a parent alongside Wang.

That’s so beautiful.

If you don’t think this is worth dying for, then you have no idea what our values are about.

This is who we are.

This is America, folks.

We defend gay anal all the way.

Those are our values.

If it gets us nuked, then so be it. We must protect the rights of these homosexuals.

The biggest threat to freedom in Taiwan is Beijing Joe Biden, who is a racist. He hates the idea of two gay Chinamen doing rimjobs on earth other in front of a small child. The idea sickens him.

This is why we need to get Ted Cruz in office in 2024.

Ted Cruz has a painting in his office of gay married Chinamen fiddling a child. He keeps it under his American and Israeli flags. Because he knows what freedom is all about.