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(((Jennifer Rubin))) Demands GOP Cucks Breakaway to Form Even More Anti-White Party

Eric Striker Daily Stormer October 5, 2017 The violently anti-white, Israel first fanatic Jennifer Rubin is at it again. This sexually ambiguous inbred arachnid spent all of 2016 demonizing white people as the Washington Post’s in-house “conservative” (!). Now she is terrified at what may be in store for 2018: cucks getting mass primary’d in a ballot box shoah! To ...

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Washington: Mexican Ferguson Heats Up as Bridge Blocked

Daily Stormer February 23, 2015 Just as you believed in your own stupid goyim mind that you’d had all the social justice crusades you could handle, then all a sudden – BAM – the Mexicans version of Ferguson upside your silly goyim head! AP: Protesters demonstrating against a police shooting that left a man dead rallied in a Washington city, ...

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