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UN Threatens to Bring the Pain on Spain if They Deport Invasive African Invasion Force

Steve Goode White Genocide Project November 1, 2014 The Spanish government is planning to change its Citizen Security Law, which would allow illegal immigrants from Africa to be deported instantly upon entering the country. The United Nations is upset by this and says it would break international law – the 1951 Refugee Convention. “UNHCR [United Nations High Court of Refugees] is …

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UN Chief Praises Jews, Denounces Antisemitism

Daily Stormer October 20, 2013 The crazy Korean even went so far as to claim that the Jews are “working for peace.”  What does this even mean? I think that North Korea guy should be the head of the UN instead.  He is super cool. From the Jerusalem Post: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised the American Jewish community for its …

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