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Hell On Earth

Clement Pulaski | The greatest crime in history defines the Jewish nation, and therefore it is no wonder that Christ says that the Jews are children of hell.

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On Christianity

Andrew Anglin Total Fascism February 6, 2013 I am personally ambiguous toward the metaphysical world. I have had personal experiences which have led me to understand, without a doubt, that there is most certainly something beyond the material realm, but understanding the details of this are something which I humbly consider to be beyond my personal capacity. However, one thing ...

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The Deep Spiritual Content of the Sieg Heil Ritual

The Roman Salute, now often referred to as the “Nazi” salute or the “Sieg Heil” (“Hail Victory”) salute, is an ancient communal bonding ritual of the White European people. Through an understanding of the nature of this ritual, we may gain a further understanding of the type of society we seek to build. The core psychological basis for this gesture ...

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