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Dutch Village Gets What It Voted For

The New Observer February 12, 2016 The northern Dutch town of Ter Apel—which has consistently elected a far left Labor Party (PvdA) administration—has been brought to its knees after a nonwhite invader crime plague has nearly destroyed all the businesses in town by stealing them into near-bankruptcy. An August 2015 article in the Dagblad van het Norden newspaper said that …

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German “Neo-Nazi” Band Chased Out of the Netherlands

Linda Housman Daily Stormer March 24, 2015 A Saturday night tweet to a journalist led to a 112 call (the Dutch equivalent to a 911 call). Soon after the criminals were located and their equipment was seized by the police, which saved the Netherlands from the disaster of perhaps not even two hours of some local noise. Last week the …

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Is Black Pete Racist?

Daily Stormer | How gross it is that the Negroes, who have no meaningful culture of their own, insist on invading our nations and destroying our peoples' ancestral heritage.

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