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All 27 EU Leaders Oppose May’s Fake Brexit Plan

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 21, 2018 Theresa May is a damn stupid bitch, and I believe this whole thing is a hoax. She is presenting a plan, even though she has no obligation to present a plan, then she is asking for feedback on the plan. Of course, no EU country wants Britain to leave the EU, as Britain ...

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Poll: Merkel’s Party Hits 12 Year Low

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer July 29, 2018 I don’t think Germany can save itself at this point. But they might be able to oust Merkel and replace her with some figure with identical policies. That would at least cause a global shakeup. I had a feeling she was going to make it through the last “row.” But she can’t hold ...

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Israeli Minister Goes Full Irate Desert Savage on EU: “Go to a Thousand, Thousand Hells”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer May 23, 2018 The kikes are really touchy when people are like “hey bro, why did you murder all of those civilians?” They get all bronze agey. RT: Unhappy about EU calls to probe alleged Israeli police brutality against activists protesting the bloodshed on the Gaza border, Israel’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said the EU could ...

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