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Black Mobs go ‘Bang’ on July 4th

WND | With dozens of episodes of black mob violence in more than 15 cities over the Fourth of July, it is tempting to start with Chicago. Chicago was the site of several cases of black mob violence during the holiday fireworks, which city officials and local media downplayed or ignored.

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Two Million for a Black Militant Cop Killer?

Incog Man May 3, 2013 You might have read something about the FBI putting Joanne Chesimard, a 65 year-old militant sheboon on the Most Wanted “terrorist” list and offering two million dollars for her return to US jurisdiction (except for the dead cop’s family, she really isn’t worth a GD plug nickel). What I don’t get is why they are doing all this now. They’ve known this creep has been in Cuba for literally ...

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