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Oh No! Mass Moslem Immigration into Europe will Lead to a Rise of Jew-Hatred!

Daily Stormer October 26, 2015 It is unclear why you would need an intelligence agency to explain this to you. But never fear. Jews will get their own security forces to protect them while everyone else is getting raped. Jerusalem Post: Germany’s security and intelligence agencies expressed alarm over the influx of refugees and migrants who harbor radical Islamic views ...

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German Politician Commits Yet Another Holocaust by Posting Anti-Jew Video Exposing Jewish Rothschild Banking Family on Facebook

Daily Slave October 3, 2014 The German politicians of the SPD continue to commit one Holocaust after another.  In what can be described as nothing less than one of the more horrible things to occur since Adolf Hitler turned 60 trillion Jews into bars of soap, a German politician by the name of Sabine Wolfle posted an anti-Jew video exposing ...

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Anti-Semitism hits new record in Europe

Ynet | According to its main findings, 26% of Jews have suffered from anti-Semitic harassment at least once in the past year, 34% experienced such harassment in the past five years, 5% reported that their property was intentionally vandalized because they are Jewish, about 7% were physically hurt or threatened in the past five years.

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