Invasive Taco-Bending Turd Burglar Honored by UC Berkeley for Commie Plot to Destroy America

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a fat mestizo faggot sneaking into your country and laughing while you subsidize the invasion.

UC Berkeley has become a flashpoint for political activity as of late, what with the recent rash of protests ranging from the day Nathan Damigo brought gender equality to a wildebeest at fist-point to the heckler’s veto cancellation of Ann Coulter’s speech, which led to a cuckservative co-opting circus featuring kosher clowns like Shabbos McInnes and (((Rebel Media))) doing their best to steer genuine white frustration into the curb.

“Damn Nazi SJWs! Don’t they know we must secure the existence of Israel and a future for trannies and based apes with Trump hats?”

But despite this recent swell in the presence of right-wing and alt-lite types showing up on campus, the fact is that UC Berkeley still remains Ground Zero for POZ’d college politics and a hotbed of cultural marxism. Many will be familiar with the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, a communist Jewish effort that used a goy frontman to push their nefarious agenda through. And of course once the heebs, along with their army of aggrieved minority minions and white soyboy enablers, got the upper hand, they changed their tune on freedom of speech completely.

Jewish appeals to universalist ideas and principles are a ruse; just a means to an end for these people to gain more power and control.

Things are so far gone in Berkeley that you even have illegal border jumpers being celebrated by the school simply for their unsolicited and subversive presence on campus. Meet Juan Prieto (@el_queerito on Twitter), possibly the epitome of the kind of human garbage and cultural rot that Marxist indoctrination centers like Berkeley seem to churn out at an ever increasing pace.

“So let me get this straight: you’re a godless sodomite crybaby that’s here illegally AND you’re a communist on top of it? Somebody give this man an award!”

Prieto has made quite a name for him/her/xirself at Berkeley, writing articles that simultaneously claim how fearless and #sobrave he is to be a “undocumxnted” (WHY?) on campus and also how scared he is about being there.

According to a post on his now private Twitter account, Prieto was given some kind of award by a college official. Instead of being grateful that this wasn’t some set-up where ICE was waiting around the corner to give him a nice tune-up and toss him into the back of a van, the entitled bone-smoking beaner used it as an opportunity to whine about how the college wasn’t doing enough for his fellow not-supposed-to-be-heres, which is in direct contradiction to an op-ed he wrote for the New York Times in which he admitted that “the University of California, Berkeley, has some of the best resources in the country for undocumented students like me — in the form of financial and legal aid, for example.”

When will you do-gooder dupes realize you can never cuck hard enough?

Now, I know this is Berkeley, so it can’t necessarily be used as a metric for the rest of the country, but believe me: this is what they want to normalize in every aspect of our lives nationwide.

California is like the GRIDS-riddled guinea pig that (((social engineers))) and POZgressives use to beta test their latest forms of cultural subversion before they unleash it on the rest of Amerikwa. Whether it’s the family destroying no-fault divorce laws imported from the Soviet Union or this precedent of the state turning a blind eye towards illegal invaders, even to the point of giving them sanctuary, California has always been ahead of the curve in setting subversive standards and pushing poisonous policies on its citizens. And it’s clear that UC Berkeley is trying to groom this whiny wetback into becoming some kind of national hero for being an ungrateful lawbreaker and freeloader.

No, you don’t understand. This is just his way of expressing his frustration with the struggles of being a pampered uninvited house guest that gets his every whim catered to.

As if that’s wasn’t bad enough, Prieto is an anti-white communist on top of it who openly calls for violence, both on Twitter and in his articles. Back in February, this malevolent mestizo maricon penned an article praising antifa for attacking the attendees of the Milo Yidopolis speech that was planned at Berkeley and celebrating the property damage they committed because it made him feel safe.

The Daily Californian:

My university did nothing to stand between my undocumented community and the hateful hands of radicalized white men, the AntiFas did. A peaceful protest was not going to cancel that event, just like numerous letters from faculty, staff, Freedom of Speech Movement veterans, and even donors did not cancel the event. Only the destruction of glass, and shooting of fireworks did that. The so called “violence” against private property that the media seems so concerned with stopped white supremacy from organizing itself against my community.

The fact that such an odious faggot can trespass on our lands and openly advocate violence against us without any consequence whatsoever just further proves that whites have no leadership and no friends in the government.

This is one of the DREAMers that would be allowed to stay thanks to the limp-dick legislative efforts of the Republicans. It’s bad enough when these beanpeople come up here to steal our jobs and snatch up the gibsmedat that we’re funding for some reason that’s never been told to us. But this isn’t just some dummy standing behind a Home Depot. This cocksucker gets honored at what are supposed to be prestigious institutions and is given a platform to call for violence against us solely for having the nerve to be white in the countries our ancestors built. This isn’t simply a matter of disagreement.

These people want us dead. Never forget that.