T-Shirt Company Attacked for Accidentally Showing Black Boy as a Monkey

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2014

Oh save us from the racism, Obama!
Oh save us from the racism, Obama!

A children’s clothing company called “Just Add a Kid,” which specializes in t-shirts that provide a fake body for the child through printing on the shirt, is under fire after a picture was taken of a hanger with a black boy on it inside a shirt portraying the body of a monkey being displayed at a retail store.

Someone posted the image on Twitter and called on the black President, Barack Obama, to do something about it, saying “Mr&Mrs Obama @BarackObama @MichelleObama How can USA can TOLERATE THIS !”  In a secondary scandal, the Tweet also caused many Whites to renew their calls that black people be banned from using the internet.

Come on guys, we're totally multiculti!
Come on guys, we’re totally multiculti!

Just Add a Kid, who probably should have seen this coming when they shipped out both the black boy hanger and the monkey t-shirt, together, issued a statement saying it is a multicultural company, it is so sorry and so on, and it will be sending everyone to sensitivity classes.

This was clearly either an accident or a minimum wage employee at the retailer having a laugh (though I also wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the black who posted it on Twitter switched the hangers itself), and yet the black flips out like “oh, here is a chance to complain about my feelings!  Black President!  I have hurt feelings!  Do something!  Feeling so hurt by this children’s t-shirt!”

These shirts were meant to be worn by White children only!
These shirts were meant to be worn by White children only!

You have to wonder why this would be so offensive to black people if they don’t in fact look like monkeys.

Is not getting offended by this simply an admission of the obvious fact that their lesser evolutionary level means that they look like monkeys?

What sort of a society demands we cover up obvious physical realities, such as the resemblance of black people to monkeys?