Syrians Got All Their Planes Out Thanks to Warning From Trump

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2017

The illegal terrorist attack against a Syrian airport has won universal critical acclaim among Jews (except Glenn Greenwald), while angering and frustrating everyone else.

Information is pointing to the Jew Kushner, his sidekick (((Gary Cohn))) and the anti-American neocon H.R. McMaster’s (one of few Trump appointees who got through Cohengress without any issue) growing creep over the Trump administration. Rather than completely getting off the Trump train, we should add this as his first strike (no pun intended).

There is reason to think this could be more chess. Judging from information on the ground, the cruise missiles largely missed their target. The “deconfliction warning” given to the Russians allowed them to tip the Syrian army off, and they were able to evacuate most of their weapons and personnel. You don’t warn your enemy when you’re about to attack him.

For Trump, this is the first time since he has began his campaign that he has gotten positive media attention. It may have just been a very dangerous and deadly publicity stunt to temporarily lift the (((media))) and swamp siege against him.

ABC News:

Syrian military officials appeared to anticipate Thursday night’s raid on Syria’s Shayrat air base, evacuating personnel and moving equipment ahead of the strike, according to an eyewitness.

Dozens of Tomahawk missiles struck the air base near Homs, damaging runways, towers and traffic control buildings, a local resident and human rights activist living near the air base told ABC News via an interpreter.

By Friday, shops were closed, traffic was flowing normally, and regime forces were back in the air base to assess the damage. A Syrian Army spokesman announced on State TV that six people were killed and several more were injured in the attack. Both of the air base’s major runways were struck by missiles, and some of its 40 fortified bunkers and some out-of-service planes, parked in a hangar, were damaged as well.

Local residents say the Russian military had used the air base in early 2016 but have since withdrawn their officers, so the base is now mainly operated by Syrian and Iranian military officers. There is also a hotel nearby where Iranian officers have been staying, though it was not clear whether it was damaged.

Fortunately, the airport in question is back in operation. Only 23 of the 59 tomahawks hit their target, and the Russian navy moved into the waters from which US ships launched the missiles to scatter them back.

Nevertheless, it’s too early to jump to any conclusions about what drove Trump to approve this attack. Six Syrians were killed in the reckless bombardment over nothing.

Even if Trump has been blackmailed into fully joining team Jew, he must know that of all the possible scenarios coming out of a war with Russia, none of them include the United States winning. Russia is virile, with a superior war doctrine and frankly, much better soldiers. If you think you’re going to draft Pajama Boy led by transsexual officers and win, think-again.

If something like this happens again, or the US starts aggressively pursuing a Syria without Assad, then you know Trump’s a goner. And that’s fine. This declining mess known as America simply won’t survive another war. That’s when it’ll be our turn to govern.