Syrian War Hoax: US Covered Up 2019 Strike That Killed at Least 70 Civilians

I don’t really believe this story in the way the New York Times is telling it. The fact is, throughout the entirety of this two-decade war against Islam, the US military, which is run by the Jews, has slaughtered people indiscriminately as a strategy of war.

Remember: these are the same Jews telling you we have to conquer Russia and China to do “human rights.”

In fact, they were bombing Syria to try to do human rights against them.

Their war campaign is about as honest as their health campaign – the same people who do nothing about tens of thousands of people dying of drug overdoses every year, who do nothing about the obesity crisis, also really care about people in their 80s dying from the flu.

It’s just – literally everything these people say is a lie explicitly designed to emotionally manipulate the public into going along with some agenda that has nothing to do with the stated agenda. There is no exception to that rule.

New York Times:

In the last days of the battle against the Islamic State group in Syria, when members of the once-fierce caliphate were cornered in a dirt field next to a town called Baghuz, a U.S. military drone circled high overhead, hunting for military targets. But it saw only a large crowd of women and children huddled against a river bank.

Without warning, a U.S. F-15E attack jet streaked across the drone’s high-definition field of vision and dropped a 500-pound bomb on the crowd. Then a jet dropped one 2,000-pound bomb, then another.

It was March 18, 2019. At the U.S. military’s busy Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, uniformed personnel watching the live drone footage looked on in stunned disbelief.

“Who dropped that?” a confused analyst typed on a secure chat system being used by those monitoring the drone. Another responded, “We just dropped on 50 women and children.”

An initial battle damage assessment quickly found that the number of dead was actually about 70.

The Baghuz strike was one of the largest civilian casualty incidents of the war against the Islamic State, but it has never been publicly acknowledged by the U.S. military. The details, reported here for the first time, show that the death toll was almost immediately apparent to military officials. A legal officer flagged the strike as a possible war crime that required an investigation. But at nearly every step, the military made moves that concealed the catastrophic strike. The death toll was downplayed. Reports were delayed, sanitized and classified. U.S.-led coalition forces bulldozed the blast site. And top leaders were not notified.

The Defense Department’s independent inspector general began an inquiry, but the report containing its findings was stalled and stripped of any mention of the strike.

The article is very long, and goes into details about the cover-up.

I don’t know why they’re reporting it now, other than maybe to just fill the media up with something that doesn’t really matter anymore. Maybe they will say it is Trump’s fault – despite the fact that he ordered the military to leave Syria and they refused.

The situation in Syria was one of these completely absurd hoaxes that people have a hard time believing. ISIS and all of the other terrorists in Syria were funded directly by the CIA. Bashir al-Assad was always very popular in the country, but of course, he was anti-Israel, so they tried to do an Arab Spring on him. When the Arab Spring failed, they brought in a bunch of foreign terrorists from all over the Islamic world.

The US was never clear about what they were doing. They would say they were fighting ISIS (while admitting in various hearings that they are the ones supplying ISIS with all of their weapons – which they would always claim was some kind of coincidence). But they never bombed ISIS, and would actually drop bombs in the desert randomly. They would also bomb a lot of civilians, as well as the Syrian military.

Then when Russia came in to actually fight ISIS, and basically wiped them out, the US said they had to stay to fight Assad. No one ever explained why they would be fighting Assad. But they ended up just openly serving as the air force for ISIS.

The entire Islamic world took it for granted that the US was behind ISIS. Even the people that supported ISIS (primarily Gulf states) acknowledged that it was funded and trained by the US.

Israel and various American entities said aloud that they would prefer ISIS to Assad, while no one ever tried to explain that sentiment.

Israel was actually giving medical aid to ISIS fighters. They didn’t even try to cover that up, they just said that they were doing it for humanitarian reasons. lol.

If you look it up, you might find that this is “alleged,” but the Daily Mail went in and took pictures.

Because it’s the Daily Mail, you can just read the bullet points:

  • Elite Israeli troops rescue wounded Syrians from the world’s worst war almost every night
  • They have saved more than 2,000 people since 2013, at a cost of 50 million shekels (£8.7million)
  • Many are enemies of Israel and some may even be fighters for groups affiliated to Al Qaeda
  • MailOnline embedded with Israeli commandos stationed on the border between Israel and Syria
  • Dramatic video filmed by MailOnline and the Israeli army shows these operations taking place
  • Israel says that the operation is purely humanitarian but analysts believe Israel also has strategic reasons

Yes, they definitely had strategic reasons, roflmao. (The Daily Mail was pretty good back in 2015, no?)

To be clear: even if ISIS wasn’t an ally of Israel, they could never be a threat to Israel, because they are too chaotic and dumb. So Israel prefers this to organized and reasonable secular leaders who oppose Israel. It’s pretty straightforward and very obvious, but you’d be surprised how many morons will say “I DON’T BELIEVE IT BECAUSE ALL MOSLEMS ARE ENEMIES OF ISRAEL!!!!1”

Everything about the last decade in Syria has been painfully retarded, and has never involved anything other than lies that are too stupid for any child to believe.

Then, of course, in 2015, millions of Moslems were marched by George Soros and Israel straight into Europe – the excuse being the “Brutal Civil War in Syria.” It was in fact not a civil war, and most of the people coming in were from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, and others. But no one said: “Well, if the war in Syria is a problem, why doesn’t the US stop funding terrorists and then bomb while claiming to bomb their own terrorists?”

The thing about all this is: everyone should have known that when there was this level of absurd dishonesty happening in the government that it was only a matter of time before this beast came and swallowed us all. That is what the coronavirus hoax is. It is the end result of these people getting away with truly absurd and ridiculous lies and hoaxes for decades, and then continuing to up the ante whenever they got away with a new hoax.

Allowing these lies to fester was a sin, and a total failure of the American population. You should never accept lies. Ever. About anything. You have to fight for the truth, and demand it. Lies always spread out and engulf everything.

That is what has happened to us.