Syrian Deserters Return, Shocked the Government Seized the Land They Deserted

I can’t even contextualize the mindset here.

Since when have war deserters been sympathetic figures?

(The answer is since 2015, when the media hyped up war desertion as a heroic act, in part because they wanted to flood Europe with Arabs and in part because they wanted to deprive the government of Syria of their fighting forces.)


Many Syrians forced from their homes by their country’s brutal, decade-old war are now shocked to discover that their family farms have been taken over by regime loyalists and cronies.

Rights groups and legal experts say local authorities in parts of northwest Syria recaptured by government forces have staged auctions to effectively “confiscate” fertile land and punish opponents.

One refugee, 30-year-old Salman, said he always knew it would be difficult to return to the family plot in Idlib province he abandoned during an offensive a year ago by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Who was the offensive against? Random civilians?

Obviously, it was against ISIS.

Why was this man not fighting for his country?

By definition, he is a deserter.

But whatever hopes he still had to return one day were all but crushed when he learnt the rights to cultivate the land had been sold off to a complete stranger.

“What right does someone have to come and take it?” the refugee, who asked to use a pseudonym, told AFP by phone from Greece where he illegally moved a few months ago.


He has more right to take land that you abandoned than you have right to be in Greece – I can tell you that!

Salman said he used to plant lentils, barley and black cumin on the 37 acres (15 hectares) of land he owns with his brothers, earning up to $12,000 each harvest.

He discovered through a post on social media that the rights to the land were being auctioned off.

“We were shocked,” he told AFP. “This land was left to us by our ancestors and we want to pass it down to our children.”

– ‘Exploiting displacement’ –

Several other Syrians displaced from southern Idlib and adjacent Hama and Aleppo provinces told AFP that they too have had their plots expropriated.

Some learnt about it through social media advertisements run by the regime-affiliated Farmers’ Union in Idlib or through acquaintances still living nearby.

In October, the Farmers’ Union said that it was auctioning off the right to use and cultivate plots owned by Syrians “who don’t reside in government-controlled areas”.

Now: consider if this story were 100% true (which it may or may not be).

What would be wrong with this?

These are traitors and deserters, who fled their country during a time of crisis, who are now showing back up – now that men much braver than they fought to protect their country, and succeeded – and saying, “so we’re cool, right?”

In most of history, these people would be attacked on sight. Now, they’re being welcomed back in, but finding that the people who stayed to fight the war they fled took their land. And they’re whining about that?

This is not a good look for refugee scum, and frankly, it isn’t a good look for the Jewish media that is siding with this refugee scum. Young men fleeing a war because they’re too cowardly to fight for their country is always, always going to be a bad look. On a biological level, people are repulsed by that level of cowardice.

They should have their land taken – and worse. They should have their wives and daughters confiscated as well, frankly, and given to the men who fought.