Syrian Child Prosecuted for Abusing Two Swedish Boys

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2018

These meek Swedish lambs allowed themselves to be slapped around and abused by two Moslem kids in a garage.

It’s pathetic.

I expect no less from a society run by women.

Voice of Europe:

Yesterday, a 16-year-old migrant was prosecuted for robbery at the Emporia Mall in Malmö, where two fifteen-year-olds were abused, threatened with knives and burned with cigarettes, Nyheter Idag reports.

An accomplice who was only 14 at the time consequently avoids prosecution, while the 16-year-old was prosecuted for aggravated robbery and abuse of legal process.

On 23 July two 15-year-old Swedish boys went to the mall Emporia in Malmö. They barely got there before they were abducted by two boys of the same age. It was the beginning of three hours of terror and torture.

The two boys noticed that two foreign boys “looked strangely” at them. The perpetrators then followed them and the 16-year-old put his arms around the boys’ necks. According to one boy, the 16-year-old said “we are not dangerous” and “we’re just going for a walk”.

The boys were then led to a garage while they received threats and slaps. The perpetrators also indicated that they had a knife.

On the way to the garage, a girl at the same age joined the perpetrators. She was initially suspected of involvement in the robbery, but the boys state that she was trying to stop or at least mitigate the assault that would follow.

In the garage, the boys were forced to hand over their credit cards and phones, and then told to kiss the offender’s shoes, and when they did, they were kicked hard in the face several times.

A former girlfriend of the prosecuted 16-year-old has told the police that in the last five months he has sent about seven videos to her where he robs, abuses and threatens Swedish youths. That information has also been confirmed by the girl who was present at the robbery, and she has also said that the 16-year-old is posting videos on Instagram where he mistreats different people.