Syrian Air Defenses Hit Israeli Fighter Jet and Shoot Down Israeli Missiles

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2018

The Israelis were attempting to attack the Syrian T4 air base in Homs province. Initial reports are indicating that the attack did not go as well as the Jews had hoped.

Syrian state media is reporting that Syrian air defenses just hit an Israeli fighter jet and shot down Israeli missiles that were targeting one of their air bases.


Syrian military air defences struck an Israeli warplane and shot down Israeli missiles targeting the T4 air base in Homs province in response to an act of “aggression” on Sunday night, Syrian state media said.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said Israel does not comment on foreign reports.

Israel has grown deeply alarmed by the expanding clout of its arch enemy Iran during the seven-year war in neighbouring Syria. Israel’s air force has struck scores of targets it describes as Iranian deployments or arms transfers to Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Damascus, as well as its allies Iran and Russia, blamed Israel for an April 9 air strike on the same Homs base, an attack that killed seven Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) members. Tehran vowed at the time to respond.

Syrian state news agency SANA said the missile attack on Sunday caused only material damage.

“Our air defence systems thwarted an Israeli aggression and brought down a number of missiles that were targeting the T4 airport,” it cited a military source as saying.

The air defences hit one of the “attacking planes and forced the rest to leave” Syrian air space, it added.

Assuming that these reports are accurate, this is a fairly significant event. Israeli fighter jets have long maintained air supremacy in the region. They’ve been regularly attacking Syrian infrastructure with impunity for awhile now.

It’s possible that Israeli assets were targeted with Russian supplied S-300 surface to air missile systems. Russia only talked about providing Syria with these advanced air defense systems after their infrastructure was attacked by American, British and French warships a few months back. These attacks were launched in response to the second baby gassing hoax that was pushed heavily by the Jew-run media.

In case you don’t recall, they claimed that Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad had gassed children for a second time. This despite the fact that he had nothing to gain by doing this. The so-called proof was a video showing a group of children being sprayed with water hoses. There was no other evidence presented proving that a chemical weapons attack even took place or that Assad had ordered it. The propaganda was retard-tier nonsense.

Unfortunately, the Jews have multi-billion dollar media megaphones to broadcast their propaganda and this impacts the decision making of world leaders. The silver lining to this is that the retaliation over the hoax was limited and it gave the Russians an excuse to install the more sophisticated air defense systems in Syria. Prior to this, installing the systems might have been perceived as a provocative action.

A few months ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Russian leader Vladimir Putin about this very subject. It was reported that Russia decided not to provide the S-300 systems to Syria. Of course if Putin was going to provide these systems, there’s no reason that he would have told Netanyahu or even make an official announcement about it. After all, these systems represent a deterrent to Israeli fighter jets. And in all forms of warfare, the element of surprise is key.

But if the Russians have given the Syrians the capability to shoot down Israeli fighter jets, be it the S-300 or otherwise, that’s going to present a big problem for Israel moving forward.

Interestingly enough, Netanyahu will be meeting with Putin again this week to discuss various security matters.

He’s probably not pleased about this unsuccessful military operation, especially now that Assad’s forces have taken back control over much of the country. And of course the Iranians are still operating inside of Syria as well. The outcome of Netanyahu’s meeting with Putin will definitely be interesting to watch.

What’s certain is that the Israelis are not doing well on the geopolitical front. Their aggressive actions are becoming increasingly counterproductive and they seem to be incapable of realizing it.