Syria Shoots Down Israeli Warplanes!

Daily Stormer
September 14, 2016


IDF btfo.

Is it surprising that Israel is flying spy planes and combat aircraft over Syria?

Not really.

Is it surprising that they would get shot down?


But it’s pretty awesome, though.

Al-Masdar News:

A senior officer from the Syrian Air Defense in Damascus told Al-Masdar News on Tuesday that their personnel did in fact down an Israeli warplane and reconnaissance drone near the town of Sa’sa.

pikachu VICTORY dance

I’m suddenly in a joyous mood.

Despite confirmation from the Syrian Air Defense, no images or videos have been posted to corroborate this original claim made by the Syrian Defense Ministry.

The Israeli Air Force has already denied the news about two of their warplanes being downed by the Syrian Army, so the war of words continues.

Yeah, obviously they would deny it. Israel has been bombing Syria for a while now, supposedly because the war has been spilling into their “Golan Heights” region. Until now, they’ve been carrying out these bombings with impunity.  It would be a huge embarrassment to admit a first defeat.


N-no, Assad-san is lying! My airplanes are the best. Baka!

Of course, this “Golan Heights” excuse is probably nonsense – or at least, a coverup. It seems likely that they are communicating this recon information to ISIS in order to aid them in the war effort. The Syrians must have thought the same, which is why they shot them down. Allegedly.

Because Israel won’t acknowledge their defeat here, they probably can’t escalate the conflict either. But, knowing the Jew, you can bet they’ll “never forget” about this, and will redouble their efforts to bring down the Syrian government.

Or, this is just some monkey confusion and the Jews are… telling the truth. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy.

We’ll just wait and see.