Syria Shoots Down 21 of 24 Jewish Missiles

The Jews still regularly bomb Syria, randomly, just to remind them.

It’s very bad behavior from the Jews, but they’re allowed to do it because they’re God’s chosen ones.


Syrian air defenses intercepted most of the missiles fired during a recent Israeli raid on Damascus, the Russian military said, noting that 21 projectiles were downed during the attack that was launched from Lebanese airspace.

“At about 1:30 September 3, four Israeli Air Force F-15 tactical fighters fired 24 guided missiles at targets in the Syrian Arab Republic from Lebanese airspace,” Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, deputy head of Russia’s Reconciliation Center for Syria, said in a statement on Friday, referring to an attack on Damascus the night prior.

“The Syrian air defense on duty destroyed 21 missiles from the Russian-made Buk-M2E and Pantsir-S1 systems.”

Syrian state media reported the nighttime raid at around 1:30am local time on Friday, noting the country’s air defenses were “confronting hostile missiles in the sky over Damascus.” Later on, they cited a military official who said the “Israeli enemy carried out air aggression from the direction southeast of Beirut.”

Though the Israel Defense Forces rarely confirm such operations, the IDF acknowledged that alleged Syrian aid defense missile debris was discovered in Israel, telling residents it would be collected by authorities and urging them not to touch the shrapnel.

How embarrassing!

What is that guy doing?

Is he in a gimp suit?

What the heck?


Basically, the Russians are the only ones who report on so-called “Jew rage” in English, but if anyone ever does ask them about their atrocious behavior, they just start screaming about Anne Frank and the Wall of Eyes.

Of course, Anne Frank died of typhus, not gas.

But the Wall of Eyes was 100% real and is confirmed fact.