Syria: Putin and Assad are Just Bombing Hospitals Because They Think It’s Funny

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2019

Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad are just bombing hospitals for laughs now.

With impunity.

They are doing it simply to be mean.

And they think it’s funny.

The Daily Stormer has exclusively gained access to leaked minutes from a recent conversation between Putin and Assad during a bombing raid, where they were both watching on screens:

Vladimir Putin: I told them to bomb the hospital, are you watching this?

Bashar al-Assad: Yeah dude, I’ve got it on the screen right now.

Putin: Releasing the payload…

Assad: BOOM!

Putin: HAHAHAHAHA! There goes that hospital! I’ll bet it was filled with old people!

Assad: HAHAHAHAHA! It was! Old people and babies! Now they’re all DEAD!

Putin: Okay, okay, next on the list is a petting zoo. Wait. You seeing this?

Assad: Yeah, yeah here it comes – BOOM!

Putin: Look at that! Did you see the goat flying across the field???

Assad: That goat went nearly as orbital as my sides!

Putin: Okay, okay, wait – next on the list is a center for retarded children. Wait wait. Missile incoming…

Assad: BOOM! Did you see that fat retard’s head pop???

Putin: This gives a new meaning to the term “mentally challenged”!

Can you believe it?

That level of pure evil?

Now you see what our brave boys in uniform are fighting for.