Syria: Assad Wins Election with 95% of Vote!

The President of Syria is really popular.

The Guardian:

President Bashar al-Assad took the oath of office for a fourth term in war-ravaged Syria on Saturday, after officially winning 95% of the vote in an election dismissed abroad.

It was the second presidential poll since the start of a decade-long civil war that has killed almost half a million people and battered the country’s infrastructure.

Shortly before the ceremony, rockets fired by pro-government forces killed six people including three children and a rescue worker in the country’s last major rebel bastion of Idlib, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

People can try to say the election is rigged – well, what about the American election?

It was rigged in plain sight, and Vaxxy Joe couldn’t get 95% of the vote.

Syrians for sure seem to like Assad a lot more than Americans like Vaxxy Joe.