Syria Asks Dorald Grimpf Why He Doesn’t Give the Jews North and South Carolina

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

Syrians are mad because the US President decided to give a huge portion of their country to the Jews without asking them.

They are struggling to come up with bantz.

I would have just went to the UN and announced that Grimpf is a fat kike lover who no one elected to rule the world with an iron tefillin.

But this was okay.



Syria’s UN ambassador has suggested the US hand “a couple” of its own states over to Israel instead of flouting international law and selling others’ land for favors with the Israeli lobby, like it did with the Golan Heights.

Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari offered a stark rebuke to the US-backed Israeli claim to the occupied Golan Heights at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday. Jaafari said the Trump administration does the bidding of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN to curry favor with the powerful Israeli lobby in the US.

In a remark that elicited a chuckle and a head-shake from his Israeli counterpart, Jaafari suggested that Washington bargain away land that is actually its to give.

“You can give them North and South Carolina, for example, why not? South Carolina is a great piece of land… So, give Israel a couple of states if this administration really wants to have Israeli support.”

Trump’s decision to back the Israeli claim to the Golan Heights comes just ahead of the Israeli general elections on April 6 and has been widely considered as an electoral boost for Netanyahu, who is facing charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust at home.

Now, let me go ahead and tell you why that isn’t going to happen, Mr. Bereaved Sandgentleman.

Firstly, the Carolinas are nice places we don’t want to give to Jews.

Secondly, America is already completely controlled by Jews, so giving them a specific part of it is redundant. In fact, if we gave Jews a part of America, they would start calling us anti-Semites because it all belongs to them.

They would claim it was a canard and a trope and so on.

Thirdly, the only appropriate place for the Jews to live is rural Poland.

US Presicant¬†Dorald Grimpf has already taken the extraordinary step of just decreeing that various parts of other people’s countries belong to Jews, so I see no reason he can’t go to Poland and say “look, we’re giving the Jews the Auschwitz vacation resort.”

In fact, he doesn’t even have to “go to Poland” for anything. He can just announce it on Twitter. Is Poland going to attack America because we gave away their vacation resort to the Jews? Not likely.

Ain’t nobody gonna do nothing.