Sydney University Professor Suspended and Verbally Attacked After His Email is Hacked and It’s Discovered He Said Mean Words

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2014

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Professor Barry Spurr had his private emails stolen, but instead of the thieves being suspended, he was.

Sydney’s University has decided to suspend one of it’s professors for privately having politically incorrect thoughts.

A series of private emails that Professor Barry Spurr  had written have been leaked, and instead of suspending whoever it was that made his private conversations public, the university are castigating the professor instead.

All he did was use words like “abos,” “bogans,” “fatsoes,” “Mussies” and “Chinky-Poos,” which are all harmless – and even if they were harmful, it wouldn’t be anyone’s business but his own, would it?

Its not like he was plotting to blow buildings up or behead people.

One of the eavesdroppers, who had no business reading the emails in the first place, said he felt “angry and personally hurt” when he read them.

In a typical display of complete hypocrisy, the students then got together to chant foul-mouthed insults at the professor in public, for something which he had said in private, which was not even directed at anyone in particular.

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Untermensch Kyol Blakeney said he felt belittled, after stealing a look at the private emails.


The university released a statement on Friday saying he was suspended, effective immediately, “from teaching and engaging in any other University business and is precluded from attending any University campus, while the matter is investigated”.A snap rally was called for 1pm on Friday to demand the dismissal of the leading academic in poetry, who was employed as a specialist consultant to make recommendations to the federal government’s review of the national English curriculum.

Indigenous student Kyol Blakeney, the incoming president of the university’s Students’ Representative Council, said he felt angry and personally hurt when he read the leaked emails, which referred to Aboriginal people as “human rubbish tips”.

“I felt a bit belittled,” he said. “The work that the indigenous students and staff have done to build a profile is a tremendous amount and to know there are still academic staff in our university who think those things is quite sad.”

He said it was upsetting to hear racist comments come “from a place I thought I had support from”.

“I mainly think about the indigenous students who would have been in his lecture theatres and sitting there learning from this person and then going away to read that and find out that a person who gives you knowledge is also a person that doesn’t really think much of you as a person for being who you are.”

On a Facebook event about the planned rally, students were discussing possible chants to use:

  • “Professor Spurr, rhyme this, you’re a white supremacist.”
  • “Racism, no way, we’re gonna get Spurr sacked today.”
  • “Christian values load of shit. You’re a f—ing hypocrite.”
  • “Say it loud, say it clear, Barry is not welcome here.”
The University of Sydney no longer respects privacy or the freedom of conscience.

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