SWPL Swedes Forced to Ban Gypsy Begging in Bougie Parts of Town

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2019

The idea that anyone needs to beg on the street for money in Sweden is ridiculous. Migrants are absolutely showered with free gibs that range from free housing to just free money and do not need to be out there begging.

What you have is a situation where it is literally just gypsies and panhandlers who seem to have some sort of cultural or political commitment to scamming people out there doing the cup-rattling.

If you live in North America, consider yourself lucky. We do not have the gypsy problem, presumably because they haven’t figure out how to get their caravan across the Atlantic Ocean yet. But in Sweden, disgusting gypsy beggar women get dropped off by the bossman of their caravan and post up outside of supermarkets with their sticky-handed kids, guilting middle-aged fat White wahmen into giving them change.

Gypsies treat their kids worse than dogs – which is a fair assessment of their worth, but still… We’re talking nigger family in the projects level of abuse here.


Lidingö, a tony area whose residents include ABBA and other celebrities, has become the first in Stockholm to ban begging. Seemingly flying in the face of the Swedish identity, the move, passed by one vote, has divided the city.

With its elite residents including ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus, Lidingö is only the seventh municipality in all of Sweden to ban begging, and the idea still makes many Swedes uncomfortable.

In a country whose very identity is tied up with its robust universal welfare state and which for years had what was considered Europe’s most welcoming attitude to outsiders, the decision came as a bit of shock. Some outraged locals have called it a violation of human rights. Others, however, said it’s necessary to keep the well-heeled residents safe.

“The begging is a big problem and makes many Lidingö people feel insecure,” Daniel Källenfors, chairman of the municipal council, told Dagens Nyheter on Monday, after the measure was passed.

It is not merciful or humane to allow this begging. If anything, this bizarre practice hurts everyone, even the gypsies themselves, and if it were stopped, a whole menagerie of satanic horror and abuse could be stopped too.

When I was in Malmo, Sweden for the first and last time, I remember seeing deformed gypsy crippled people with contorted and crushed legs, twisted spines and jutting bones all over the downtown shopping district. Turns out that this is a standard gypsy practice – deliberate maiming that is – to garner sympathy from stupid wahmen and increase loose change and pocket lint revenues by 20%.

They may have actually selectively bred for mutations in order to beg better.

Again, all the profit goes to the head gyppo.

On top of the fact that they are literally the ugliest, most subhuman race of people to ever exist, the gypsies also have nothing but seething contempt for their host nations.

They consider themselves a magical race that is above the laws and customs of whatever land they inhabit. Gypsies will go out of their way to scam and trick and hurt random people for no reason whatsoever.

If this is all starting to sound familiar, it should. 

It’s true, dear reader: gypsies are just Jews with far lower IQ.

They are what the Jews would have become if they hadn’t started strategically outbreeding with Europeans. Furthermore, everything that the Jews do to White people come from the same level of seething contempt for the goyim that the gypsies have for the gorgers/gadje.

Everywhere that you have gypsies, you have the same complaints:

  • Thievery
  • Gang assaults
  • Scams
  • Stealing of Christian children

It is hard to explain to someone who has never seen a gypsy just how much loathing they inspire in even the normiest of all normies. No one has ever had an interaction with a gypsy that went well because they are always at war with everyone who isn’t a gypsy.

And yet somehow, Swedish wahmen are trying to defend them…

Opponents of the ban say it merely pushes the problem into other municipalities and scoff at the idea that moneyed locals feel threatened by beggars. “I have not so far found any Lidingö residents who say they are insecure,” Patrik Buddgård of the Center Party told DN. His party joined the Liberals to oppose the ban, which squeaked by with a vote of 26 for to 25 against.

I’m afraid of this development,” Anna Larsdotter Persson, who watched the vote from the audience, told Mitti.se, adding that she “does not buy” the idea that the ban will improve the lives of beggars and believes it is a “populist policy” masquerading as something else.

“I have never been so ashamed of Lidingö as I am now,” Anita Dorazio, a representative for the Stockholm Asylum Committee and refugee advocate, told the outlet.

And you just know that these people are irredeemable when the Jews don’t use the gypsy camps as ideological ammo against the Germans. You hear the gypsy camps mentioned, but most histories gloss over them.

On some level, the Jews must realize that this would cast the Nazis in a sympathetic light because literally no one even tries to defend the gypsies and their blatant and sociopathic behavior.

No nation deserves to be infested with gypsies… well, except Sweden, of course. This is what being a humanitarian superpower is all about.

This is where snootiness gets you.

Nor are beggars the only ones feeling the chill as the famously welcoming Swedish attitude begins to curdle after years of abuse. Faced with the reality that over 418,431 asylum-seekers – and a total of 920,206 immigrants – have made their way to Sweden since the Syrian war kicked the migrant crisis into high gear, Sweden, with a population of less than 10 million, has belatedly realized that being a migration capital of Europe isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Bengtsfors, a municipality in southern Sweden, was forced to beg the government for economic help earlier this year after taking in more migrants than it could afford.

Nearby Filipstad is facing a similar crisis as many native Swedes move out, distressed by the seemingly endless flood of unemployable African migrants, leaving the community with no tax base and unable to support the new arrivals.

Swedish authorities have stopped collecting statistics comparing the ethnicity of criminals. The last published statistics, issued in 2005, found foreign-born individuals four times more likely to be homicide suspects and 4.5 times more likely to be rape suspects. Hence, it is unclear what percentage of beggars in Sweden come from outside the country.

But the first Swedish begging ban, which finally went into effect at the beginning of the year in Vellinge, a suburb of Malmö, faced 18 months of legal challenges and condemnations from NGOs calling it “racist” and “xenophobic” – suggesting that most of the beggars there are foreign-born. Under that law, beggars are given a verbal warning, then physically removed, and only after repeat offenses apprehended by police. The Moderate Party has campaigned to ban begging nationwide, and a survey by state broadcaster SVT found at least 40 other municipalities are keen to adopt their own bans. But these measures seem less a solution than a tiny band-aid on the gaping flesh wound caused by ill-thought-out immigration policy – and also one that makes Swedes look somewhat hypocritical, to boot.

Yeah, I’ll say.

“Hypocritical” is a bit too diplomatic, though.

Their Hyperborean ancestors weep in shame.