Switzerland: Vaxed and Boosted Female Olympic Athlete Gets Myocarditis

Maybe Pfizer can work on drugs for myocarditis?

That would make a lot of sense.

Pfizer saved the world from the deadly coronavirus, now they can help us with this new problem.

Free West Media:

The star runner Fabienne Schlumpf announced the news in a post on Instagram. Schlumpf confirmed to a Swiss newspaper that she has been triple vaccinated and that she has not had Covid.

“Unfortunately myocarditis is holding me back at the moment. It’s certainly not an easy time for me, but I’m not giving up. I hope to be back soon, chasing my dreams… and competitors,” she wrote. This is however the end of the road for her career. “Nobody can say how long I’ll have to put my career on hold,” she admitted.

The 31-year-old is said to feel “tired” everyday and after her heart rate shot up during an easy endurance run last month, she consulted a doctor who diagnosed her with myocarditis.

The veteran runner had planned to go on training camp in Portugal early this year, but this was canceled after her diagnosis.

It’s mostly men that are getting this problem, of course. I think about 90% are men (of course, we have no idea about any actual numbers, and basically just have to guess based on anecdotes).

I guess it sucks to develop a permanent heart condition that completely destroys all your hopes and dreams because you decided to take a drug for an alleged disease which you had effectively a zero percent chance of dying from.

But here’s the issue: the vax is an IQ test.

There is a Darwinian process at work here. With all of the information out there, if you are stupid enough to say, “yep, go ahead and shoot that mysterious juice into my body,” then you are going to get what you deserve.