Switzerland: Soccer Club Fans Chase Jewish Caricature Through City

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2015


Before a recent soccer match between FC St. Gallen and FC Luzern in St. Gallen, Switzerland, something rather unusual, but totally hilarious, happened: a Jewish caricature was chased through the city by FC Luzern fans.

20minuten.ch (Note: The original link was in German, but with the assistance of Google Translate and my own tweaks of the imperfect translation, I have provided an English version):

Rabbi Chaim Drukman of the Jewish Community of Central Switzerland …: “In my opinion, this incident is very bad. It now and then happens that I get … calls and nicknames because of my Jewish appearance. But I have never experienced anti-Semitism related to sports in Switzerland.”

He continued: “I am in close contact with many Swiss, non-Jewish friends who are unable to tolerate such incidents. We Jews have no right to make any changes to our appearance. We live in a wonderful, democratic and tolerant country and I very much hope that the government is making the necessary steps to ensure that it stays that way.”

FC Luzern was forced [to make] a statement yesterday…: “FC Luzern [and] all of its players distance themselves from the racism … of some people in St. Gallen. Football clubs and the sport in general should not be misused for political and religious propaganda.”

It’d be awesome if this sparked a tradition amongst fans of different soccer clubs across Europe, wouldn’t it? Antisemitism is already well-documented within soccer fandom.

To be honest, though, it’d be even more awesome if they could channel their Antisemitism in a political sense and actively fight for their race, too.