Switzerland Media Shocked at ‘Racist’ Comments on Video Showing White Attacked by a Gang of Migrants

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2017

This is disgusting.

Don’t these vile skin-color haters know this only happened because of racism in the first place?

20 Minutes:

Threats of reprisals, calls for racial hatred, insults … this is the kind of comment that flourished on Facebook on Tuesday night after the broadcast and the sharing of a video showing an assault at Delémont station.

In May, the District Court of Zurich recognized a man guilty of defamation for clicking on Facebook’s “Like” button to comments that qualified a racist and anti-Semitic personality. The judge had found that the accused “propagated a value judgment by approving it”. The condemned man had been fined 40 francs-fine at 100 francs. with suspended sentence. As for people who share litigious posts, they could also be in the sights of justice. “If we want to go to the end, we must also prosecute those who share content,” said Sébastien Fanti, a lawyer and data protection officer in Valais, who was asked about a similar case.

On the images, we see a young man who is being mistreated, pushed to the ground and intimidated by a black man, under the laughter of a group of people filming the scene before the victim leaves the scene alone. Shared on social networks, the sequence triggered an avalanche of racist and violent messages, focusing on the skin color of the perpetrator.

Initially posted by the mother of the victim, who wanted to denounce this type of assault, the video was then deleted on police advice, says the rtn.ch website . It had already been shared more than 2000 times and had provoked 700 comments. The mother also indicated that she intended to file a complaint against the perpetrators of the assault.

Since then, the video continues to circulate, widely relayed by Facebook pages or extreme right-wing sites. On Wednesday, alerted by various media, the police recalled that racist comments on social networks were subject to the law and that they represented criminal offenses punishable by imprisonment. “The authorities will analyze the follow-up to these comments, whether they fall within the scope of the Swiss Penal Code,” the Jurassic police said.

As for the posts that reported on Wednesday, the authorities have warned. “If further comments calling for hatred, retaliation, threatening or insulting persons should appear, the Public Prosecutor, together with the police, will initiate the criminal proceedings necessary to put an end to these acts.”

Thank God that the Swiss police are handling these evil hate crime comments online.

Switzerland needs these migrants or they will not survive.