Switzerland: Bunch of Retards Strip Naked in Public, Call It “Art” [NSFW]

Daily Stormer
September 14, 2018

Look goyim – an (((art))) festival!

I remember a time when “art” and “something moronic that literally every living human being on the planet can replicate” meant different things.

Apparently, there aren’t a lot of people like me left…

The Local:

Downtown Zurich at 1pm on a bright day in late summer: bankers on lunch break, tourists, school children…and a woman stripping out of her clothes until she is naked.

Performance artist Katharina Vogel then slowly begins to move about as passers-by wonder try and work out what is going on.

You know she’s an “artist” because the article tells you she’s an artist, and the useful idiot who wrote the article knows she’s an artist because (((experts))) told him so.

And (((experts))) always know what they’re talking about.

That was the unusual scene confronting people on Zurich’s Rathausbrücke bridge on Thursday afternoon as Switzerland’s second-ever Body and Freedom Festival got underway.

The art event, which runs until Sunday, features naked performances in public by 18 artists from around Europe during the day while the evenings are given over to so-called Naked Talks.

Fun fact: There have never been more artists than there are today, and there has never been less actual art created than there is today.

Someone tried to do something about it at one point, but it didn’t work sadly. Better luck next time, I guess.

The brainchild of Biel artist Thomas Zollinger, the festival is about exploring ways the unclothed body can be used as an artistic tool in public spaces.

The naked performances, lasting up to an hour, are also designed to get people thinking about nakedness and the divide between the public and private sphere.

No idea if this Zollinger creature is a kike or not, and it doesn’t really matter – he’s done more than enough to earn a shower in a fake gas chamber with a wooden door – in Terraria.

It’s coming…

Onlookers on Thursday were unsure what to make of the whole affair.

“I just find it barbaric. Lots of families with children cross this bridge. Kids learn what sexuality is at school. That’s why you don’t really need people walking around naked on the bridge,” a member of staff at one local fashion boutique was quoted as saying by the Blick newspaper.

Someone should tell this broad that that is the type of intolerant thinking that turned Anne Frank into a box of detergent.

Another 18-year-old echoed this sentiment. But she said “all the men with their cameras was kind of disgusting” – a reference to the many smartphones and other cameras being bandied about by male onlookers.

“How dare these men give attention whores the attention they’re whoring for?!?!?!”

Jeez, women are dumb.

No wonder they’re so into (((modern art))), and always eager to explain why you’re a rube if you don’t think a blank canvass is worth millions of dollars.

You were the stupid one all along, goy!