Switzerland: Brown Sociologist Says Swiss Must Take Integration Classes for When They’re a Minority

It’s about time the goyim stopped struggling against the inevitable.

Nobody knows why this is inevitable only in white countries and nowhere else, but that’s life, and you have to just deal with it.


Swiss people need to take classes on integrating with foreigners in order to get used to “becoming a minority” in their own country, a sociologist has said.

Ganga Jey Aratnam, who migrated to Switzerland 25 years ago, told an interview with Tages-Anzeiger that mass migration to the Swiss nation “is a one-way street, there is no going back”.

Switzerland’s native people should let go of the country’s historic customs and traditions as its population is replaced and come to recognise “hyper-diversity” as the national culture, the Sri Lankan academic said, arguing that “Swiss culture is not lost, it is developing”.

Asked whether he recognised that such a transition might be “overwhelming” for naive Swiss people, Aratnam responded: “That’s why I think there should be integration courses for locals.”

“We already have integration courses for immigrants. That is a good thing. Such courses are also necessary for locals because they are slowly becoming a minority.”

It is “in [Swiss people’s] interest” to get more familiarised with migrants, according to the sociologist, who asserted that “if the locals do not adapt, they will become losers in their own country”.

Illustrating such ‘losers’, he pointed to the example of elderly people who might “struggle” with foreigners then become “frustrated” when they are housed in a retirement home where 90 per cent of the staff comes from abroad.

That “their own country” part is quite the slip of the tongue.

Questioned by the Swiss-German language daily on whether mass migration could at least be “slowed”, the University of Basel scholar was insistent that once the door is opened to population transfers from the third world, it cannot be closed.

“Once diversity is achieved, there is no stopping it,” he said, noting that family reunification and other ‘human rights’-related policy means migration from the Global South will continue to rise no matter what national laws a government tries to put in place.

In addition, Aratnam noted that migrant women have “on average more [children] than Swiss women”.

“Immigration can no longer be stopped even with new laws [because this would be] in opposition to human rights, European integration and our economic structure,” he claimed.

However, Aratnam acknowledged in the interview that Japan was an example of a country that “has achieved a great deal of prosperity without migration”.

Despite the scope of the problem, it wouldn’t be hard to solve, if the political will existed. These people moved here, they can be moved out a lot faster.