Swiss Vote for Burka Ban in Referendum Amidst Mask Mandate 😆😆😆

The only real way to stoppen it would be to just not let these people in your country

Yeah, the thing we need to be talking about right now is BURKAS.

That’s getting to the root of the matter.


Covering your face in public for non-medical reasons will become illegal in Switzerland after a proposal dubbed a “burqa ban” was accepted by a narrow margin of voters in a binding national referendum on Sunday.

Supporters of the “burqa ban” have prevailed in the Alpine country, with 51.2 percent being in favor and 48.8 percent being against, official data showed after votes were counted.

In line with the Swiss system of direct democracy, the country’s constitution will now be amended to forbid face coverings in public places for all but three specific reasons.

The legislation, which had been promoted by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) since 2016, did not mention Islam directly and was claimed by proponents to be aimed at preventing violent rioters from hiding their identities. It was nonetheless dubbed the “burqa ban” by the media and politicians due to also restricting the face coverings worn by Muslim women.

Back in 2009, the SVP initiated a referendum on preventing the construction of new minarets in Switzerland, and also won that vote.

There are several exceptions to the “burqa ban” – it allows the covering of one’s face for security, climate, or health reasons. As such, it wouldn’t contradict the anti-coronavirus measures that oblige Swiss citizens to wear face masks in public places, on public transport, and in indoor workspaces. Muslim women would also be allowed to don burqas and niqabs in places of worship.

By greenlighting the ban, Switzerland has joined France, where full-face veils in public were outlawed in 2011, and such countries as Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands and Bulgaria, where full or partial bans on face coverings are currently in place. Two Swiss cantons had already introduced similar restrictions on burqas some years back.

There is an entire list of arguments as to why letting Moslems into your country by the thousands and millions and then banning them from practicing their culture is idiotic.

It’s a bit like when carjackings skyrocketed in Chicago after the BLM anti-police and pro-crime agenda, and instead of saying “well, I guess we have to bring back the cops,” that black guy blamed it on Grand Theft Auto, the video game, and said it should be banned.

Why are they here?

If you’re inviting these people into your country, or Angela Merkel is inviting them and you’re going along with it, then you’re going to have to accept their culture. There is no context in which “please come live in my country – and also sacrifice your most sacred beliefs!” makes any sense.

It is seven times more expensive to bring “refugees” to Europe than to send aid for them in their own countries, according to experts who agree with the immigration agenda. So it is probably more like 70 or 700 times more expensive. There is no reason you would do it unless you wanted to transform your culture and society using these hordes of people.

Edit: The report on the “7 times” figure is now impossible for me to find, due to censorship. It was probably deleted, or just delisted from search. I remember it very clearly, and I guarantee some European organization published this in 2015-16. However, in America, the data is still available, and the number here is cited as around ten times more expensive to bring them here than help them in a neighboring country (using the government’s own numbers) in a number of still available papers:

But here’s the thing.

Look at this:

Referendum committee chairman and SVP member Walter Wobmann blasted Muslim face coverings as “a symbol for this extreme, political Islam, which has become increasingly prominent in Europe and which has no place in Switzerland.” He insisted that showing one’s face was a sign of our “basic freedoms” in the country.

Imagine the levels of cognitive dissonance.

I had to do a quick search and confirm that Switzerland wasn’t some Sweden or Belarus style anti-lockdown, anti-mask country.

It is not.

Here are people getting on a train in Switzerland on July 6, 2020:

Not one of them has the “basic freedom” to show their face.

Honestly, the “burka ban” was always retarded, and always bothered me. It’s like a woman who chooses to date a criminal and then tries to change his behavior. These governments all did this against the popular will. There was no demand for “more Moslems,” nor was there any referendum before the deluge began.

But talking about it now, while the government is enforcing a dictate that says people have to wear something that is shockingly similar to a burka on their face, while going around talking about how people have the freedom to show their faces – this is utterly farcical to the point of almost being incomprehensible.

It’s a little bit difficult to find English news in Switzerland, but thankfully there is The Local, a site which translates most European news into English.

This is their top story today:

The white Swiss are protesting the burka ban while wearing government-mandated face masks which cover the same part of the face as the burka. In fact, if you look closely at the woman in the head scarf, she’s not wearing a burka – she’s wearing a cloth face mask, the exact same as the white Swiss man next to her.

Presumably, the coronavirus face mask meets whatever standards Islamic law prescribes for the burka.

In fact, the woman in the stoppen propaganda appears to be wearing a coronavirus mask.

Notice the way it wraps around her jawline.

(The mask also looks very similar to Sub-Zero’s mask.)

The fact it’s at the top of the local means it is the top story in Switzerland’s own media, generally.

Imagine what is going through the minds of the people?

This politician presumably was wearing a mask when he said that Swiss have the freedom to not cover their faces.

This really is the microcosm not only of the larger situation, but also of the right-wing in white countries.

Banning burkas while you’ve got a mask mandate is like if a man comes into the emergency room with a stab wound and he’s bleeding out and the doctor starts casually examining his acne, then gives him a prescription for anti-acne medication and sends him on his way, as he continues bleeding out.