Swiss Deny Austerity for the Purpose of Changing the Weather

We forget sometimes that the new woke moral majority is made up of very low IQ morons who will just believe anything. I’ve never in my life met a single serious person who believed in manmade global warming, and I’m not aware of any such person online.

These people who believe this stuff are not smart, and they just want to be socially good by going along with a mass media consensus on what is morally righteous. They are not capable of recognizing that this is going to have real life effects – you are going to have to reduce your quality of life if you want to go along with this idiotic hoax.

Believers do not look at the actual data. If you press them, all they will do is start throwing slogans at you. If you press them harder, they will look up the official disinformation (primarily made up of fake graphs) and push that on you, then mock you as a “science denier.”

Of course, intelligent people are aware that the entire purpose of the hoax is to force you to change your quality of life.

Switzerland is a small country, made up mostly of the rich and upper middle class of different countries (Germany, France and Italy, as well as well-off people from around the continent). They’re smart enough to laugh this idiot scam off, and say “no, I’m not going to give up my house and car to live in a tiny tenement and eat bugs based on admittedly falsified data about the weather.”


The majority of Swiss are reluctant to fund climate change goals from their own pocket, a new survey has shown. Younger people, and those living in rural areas, are especially unwilling to pay more for gas, heating and air travel.

The 2050 carbon neutrality goals, outlined by the Switzerland authorities, are out of step with the population’s readiness to pay increasingly higher bills to fund them, according to a new survey. The poll, conducted among some 23,000 people, was commissioned by the Tamedia and 20 Minuten media groups early in October with its findings published Sunday.

The rejection of footing higher bills for fixing climate change turned out to be high across the entire Swiss society, with the exception of the supporters of the Green Party. Women have demonstrated somewhat better climate awareness, with the majority, however, still unwilling to spend significantly more.

It’s great to hear that younger people are even more informed.

That seems to be a trend around the Western world, which is why these people are so fixated on replacing the population of white countries with brown people (who also probably do not believe in or care about global warming, but are just comfortable as slaves who do not engage in politics at all).

Obviously, women will always be more supportive of stupid hoaxes promoted by the government and the media, because women are all effectively mentally retarded, lacking any form of critical thinking. So if even a majority of women are not on it, you’ve got a well-educated population.

Unfortunately, America, Britain, and Australia do not have well-educated populations (and most continental European nations are not much better). Most of these people will just believe anything.