Sweet Summer Child Paul Joseph Watson Thinks Jews Will Allow Him to Keep His Website

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2019

After Alex Jones was banned from everything, Paul Joseph Watson promptly abandoned the man who made him relevant, quitting Infowars to start his own website, Summit News. He registered the domain for the site just weeks after Alex was banned from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and iTunes all at the same time, but didn’t announce his new venture until about a month ago.

Homosexuals are fundamentally selfish cowards, so all of this was no surprise to anyone.

In a recent interview with RT, following his banning from Facebook – which apparently surprised him for some reason – Watson said this: “There is clearly no future for dissident personalities on any major social media network. We will have to go back to mailing lists and websites as our primary, and perhaps only platforms for delivering content.”

Oh, my sweet summer child.

Here is the registry information for summit.news:

He is using GoDaddy as the registrar, Domains by Proxy (owned by TuCows) as the registrant and Cloudflare for DDoS protection.

The Daily Stormer was banned from all of those companies in the summer of 2017.

They are all “private companies” and monopolies, so the very same arguments used to kick people off of social media apply to them.

As far as mailing lists – we were also banned from Sendgrid, weren’t able to send out email at all, and were forced to close down registration forum. So that’s a nonstarter as well.

When I was banned from everything, Infowars did not make a big deal out of it. I was recently informed that Watson tweeted about it once (thanks, I guess). They could have drawn the line with banning me, and launched a war for free speech while they still had a huge platform, but now Alex is relegated to infowars.com as he shouts for First Amendment protections.

The idea that they are going to be allowed to keep their websites is ridiculous. This is the same mindset that led them into not defending me – “oh, it will only be the Nazis that get banned, that’s reasonable after all.”


We are in the process of a complete and total cleansing of absolutely everything that doesn’t align with the mainstream. And the fact that Jones and Watson avoid talking about Jews won’t save them from getting their websites stolen anymore than it saved them from getting their social media accounts pulled.

They thought that as long as you avoided the Jewish issue, you’d be safe – but that has proven completely untrue, and we now have a full crackdown on the manosphere and anti-vax movements, which aren’t even political movements.

I was banned from most social media over a year before they completely pulled my site out from under me and refused to allow me to register it. Jones and Watson may get another year, they may get a little bit more, but they won’t be allowed to stay online indefinitely. There is literally zero chance of that.

This is a scorched-earth policy.

The only people who will be allowed to remain are people who are handpicked. And Jones and Watson were not handpicked.

Basically, the entire new right-wing is going to be totally managed and controlled by Ben Shapiro. This new, extremely tightly-controlled controlled opposition movement will include Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

And Jordan Peterson.

And Dave Rubin.

And Joe Rogan.

And a few other minor figures.

All of it will fall under the direct control of Ben Shapiro.

Look at this picture of the whole gang together:

Shapiro is at the head of the table, flanked by Jews Eric Weinstein and Dave Rubin. Then you have the token goys, Peterson and Rogan, outside of the central Jewish circle.

Sam Harris is Jewish and the furthest from Shapiro – and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that is also symbolic.

Sam Harris is terrible, but he does talk about race and IQ, and I can’t imagine that is going to be allowed under the new censorship regime. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s banned as well. Of course, he fancies himself as some kind of kingmaking Jew, so he would not protest a banning as long as he was able to play some behind-the-scenes role as a Jewish handler for the various other controlled opposition figures.

Appearing on the Joe Rogan show during the feud with Alex Jones, Harris openly talked about being Rogan’s handler.

I think Harris (and, to a lesser extent, Stefan Molyneux) is holding a spot as someone who acknowledges race realism until the Shapiro Squad has complete control of the entire “conservative” online media apparatus, at which point any discussion of race will be banned from the online conversation completely.

They want this whole thing to be about low taxes and how if you’re going to flood white countries with hundreds of millions of brown people, you have to do it LEGALLY.

They do not want a single iota of discussion existing outside of what they’ve laid down as the barriers of discussion.

And that’s what you’re going to get. This is the full end-run around the First Amendment, because the First Amendment doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t allowed a place to say anything.

Along with using goofy libertarian arguments about how the government should never regulate any industry in order to ban all political dissent on the internet, the government is using the Department of Justice to prosecute political dissidents who try to appear in public. They send fed-asset “antifa” to attack people and then claim that any form of self-defense is illegal.

So you literally can’t even go out on the street and practice your First Amendment rights.

You will have the same speech protections that the communist regimes of the 20th century allowed: you will be able to talk freely inside of your own house, and maybe at a bar if you keep your voice down. If you talk too loudly at a bar, however, saying some kind of wrong speech, you could be attacked by another patron who will be given immunity. And you will be prosecuted if you fight back.

This is the actual situation on the ground.

I’m sorry, Paul Joseph Watson, but there is no way around any of this.

Daily Stormer Never Dies

The funny part is that even while the Daily Stormer has received more censorship than these people have, we will be the last standing.

We already get more than half of our traffic off of the dark web. And we will continue running the site from there when they finally get around to pulling the .name site from us.

Save this address, because the day is coming.


You can access it using the Tor Browser or the Tor tab function of the Brave browser.

I would advise you to download either of those programs and start accessing the site that way now. Because you never know. Furthermore, even while we still have the normieweb domain, it is just easier to use the Tor site, because it is faster and not subject to the various troubles we often have on the normieweb.

But rest assured: as long as I’m alive and free, we’ll keep bringing you fresh content daily, without fail, like we have for the last six years.

And unlike the SS guy in that painting right there, my harem of tribal sluts will not rat me out to the Jews.