Sweet Old Grandfather Figure Joe Biden Likes Your Daughter’s Barrettes

Legitimately elected president Joe Biden is a sweet old grandfather figure who made a sweet comment about how a little girl looked like she was 19 and had nice barrettes.

Anti-Semitic and racist extremists responded to this innocent and respect-filled comment by getting #CreepyJoe trending on Twitter.

This just proves that Twitter needs more censorship. No one on the internet should be allowed to insult Joe Biden.

However, there was one conservative who raised some legitimate questions about Joe Biden’s relationship to Russia, pointing out that he is a Putin puppet.

@JoJo_C11 raised the big concern that Biden is right where Putin wants him.

Another conservative who is actually informed pointed out that what is really creepy about Joe is that he doesn’t do enough for black people.

Those two can stay.

But the rest of these radicals need to go.