Swedism: ‘Racist’ Bird Names Banned by Sweden’s Ornithological Society

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2015

These swifts will no longer be called "kaffers" because of political correctness.
Thanks to Swedism, these swifts will no longer be called “kaffers.”

Sweden’s at it again, folks. Their Ornithological Society has decided to ban certain bird names that “sound racist” or whatever. Because things that sound racist are just another stumbling block to the emergence of a post-racial utopia.

The Local:

Four different bird species which include the word “neger” (“negro”) have been renamed using “svart” (“black”) instead.

Other feathered creatures known as “swifts” in English will no longer be called “kaffer” in Swedish. This word, which can also be spelt “caffer” and “kaffir” is a racist term that has been used by white South Africans towards black South Africans.

So white-rumped swifts will now be known as “vitgumpseglare” in Swedish.

“Hottentott”, a species of dabbling duck is also being renamed because the word “Hottentot” is a derogatory term for a group of indigenous people called the “Khoikhoi” living in South Africa. The term is thought to refer to their language, which includes clicking sounds.

“Zigenarfågel” which translates as “gypsy bird” will take the name “hoatzin”, the English word already used to describe a type of tropical pheasant found in swamps and forests.

The racial sensitivity of Sweden is so remarkable. Humanity ought to be thankful for Sweden’s role as a beacon of light in the world.