Swedism: Newspaper’s Campaign to Out Racists Leads to Family’s Home Being Bombed

December 24, 2013

Members of the violent criminal AFA gangs in Sweden. They typically wear masks in public. Ironically they are protesting Israel’s participation in the Davis Cup. The AFA claims Israel is a “racist” country.
Members of the violent criminal AFA gangs in Sweden. They typically wear masks in public. Ironically they are protesting Israel’s participation in the Davis Cup. The AFA claims Israel is a “racist” country.

One of the biggest newspapers in Sweden teamed up with criminal Marxist computer hackers to expose “racists.” The paper admittedly used information that was obtained illegally. One man was ambushed at his home by the newspaper. The newspaper posted video of the man’s home on the internet. Just days later a bomb exploded at his house.

Expressen is one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden. Their website is ranked by Alexa as the 12th most popular Swedish website. Expressen is collaborating with a violent Marxist gang to use illegal means of outing Swedish citizens as “racists.”

Expressen has published pictures and information on at least eleven people, demonizing them as “racists.” Two of them people are elected city council members from the Swedish Democrats. One of them is being attacked simply for describing Islam as a “totalitarian ideology” and saying that Muslim target members of other religions for violence.”

At least one of the individuals was ambushed at his home by an Expressen reporter and cameraman.

Masked AFA gang members attack police officers.
Masked AFA gang members attack police officers.

What is worse is the way the newspaper is obtaining the information. They are collaborating with a violent Marxist gang which claims they illegally hacked Disqus to acquire the information published in Expressen.

The group claiming responsibility for hacking Disqus is a registered non-profit called Researchgruppen. This non-profit is run by members of a loose knit international gang network known as Antifa. In Sweden and Britain they used the name Anti-Fascist-Action [AFA]. In the United States they used the name Anti-Racist-Action [ARA]. The groups all use the same logo, which was originally used by the paramilitary wing of the German Communist Party in the 1930s. It is no secret that Researchgruppen is part of the gang. Before registering as a non-profit and trying to take on a more professional veneer, it was called “AFA Documentation.” The AFA gangs in Sweden refer to Researchgruppen as their “intelligence gathering” wing.

It is part of the same gang network responsible for the mob attack on a restaurant in Chicago, in which five members were sentenced to prison and a sixth is awaiting trial. The Cook County Sherif’s Department (Chicago, IL) formally classified the group as an criminal “Anarchist Gang.” They have claimed responsibility for many other acts of criminal violence in other American cities as well. The brother of one of the men sentenced to prison in the Chicago restaurant attack has also been convicted of criminal computer hacking in the past. The father of the two brothers is also currently in prison for child molestation. The father is described by anti-racist sites as also a long time activist and credited with getting his two sons involved.

The American based Disqus has hired lawyers and says they are planning a lawsuit. Martin Fredriksson, of ResearchGruppen, said he welcomes the lawsuit because it will give him publicity. He posted online “We’re not very concerned about a criminal case in the US. It would give this issue the attention it deserves.”

Below is from a Swedish reader of this website:

I am contacting you on behalf of many angry and upset conservative Swedish citizens – and rightfully so. A left wing extremist group called ‘AFA’ (this is a violent revolutionary socialist organization spread all over Europe ) has, via one of their incorporated media groups ‘Researchgruppen’ (Picastus) collaborated with liberal news media here in Sweden with the intent as they say ‘to expose right wing extremists and racists’

They have breached the online platform Disqus’ integrity protocol and visa vi a security leak there been able to retrieve thousands of user-IDs and email addresses from all over the globe that they are now in the possession of. Disqus is currently investigating this and have contacted lawyers.

The journalists and the mentioned Researchgruppen have compiled this data and then they have published the names and basically home addresses in the liberal national news paper Expressen here in Sweden.

This has been going on for over a week now with several articles of nothing more than libel and left wing hatred and anti-white racism!

It should be mentioned that one of the members of Researchruppen have been convicted of assault, violent battery, unlawful possession of a weapon and has also been under investigation and detained for arson.

But the only crime these private citizens – labelled haters – have committed is to discuss migration, Islamism, terrorism and defense politics on various conservative and alternative online news sites.

Very short after the first publication a bomb set off in the home of one the exposed individuals, he is also a member of the conservative Sweden Democrat party but not a leading figure in any way, he was at home with his wife and kids at the time of the explosion. Luckily no one was injured. Click Here.

Please share this story with all relevant parties, national as well as international (TV, radio, newspapers), and publish what you deem appropriate.

Best regards,

A reporter and camera crew from Expressen ambush a man at his house for complaining about immigrant crime on the internet. They claim the man is violent because he suggested that it would be better in ethnic Swedes could carry concealed handguns to protect themselves from criminals. Just days after Expressen posted video of the man’s home online, a bomb was exploded at his house. Fortunately no one was injured.