Swedism: Black Serial Child Molester Sexually Assaults Dozens of White Children, Gets Probation

January 31, 2014

The Court heard that within a few hours of being released last time, he was arrested again for molesting children. This time he had picked two small boys up under the arm pits and was attempting to run off with them. He claims his Human Rights have been violated, because raping children is a part of his culture and he feels very offended by Sweden’s treatment of him.see here 

From Fri-Tider.SE (In Swedish)

A 29 year old immigrant from Eritrea has been convicted of sexually assaulting over a dozen children in Bromley and Kristianstad.

He faces charges of assaulting many more. He claims the assaults are perfectly normal in his culture and that it is racist to prosecute him. The immigrant was allowed to move to Sweden as part of a refugee quota requested by the United Nations. He has been sexually terrorized a community, grabbing male and female children and fondling them. The victims have been as young as six.

Many of the attacks have been in very public areas. He is back in court for the third time in less than six moths to face his third set of charges. During one arrest, he pulled his pants down and asked a female officer to have sex with him. He was first convicted of sexually attacking ten children and only received probation. When he went to court on a second batch of charges, he was sentenced to four months in prison, but has not actually served any time yet.

The communities that the immigrant molester is terrorizing are outraged. Right before Christmas, 200 people held a rally to demand that something be done about the perpetrator.