Swedish Wigger Rapper Kidnapped by Moslems, Beaten, Sodomized with Dildos

Wiggerism in America is a menace, but it makes a whole lot more sense than in Europe. At least in America, the blacks are kinda/sorta a part of the same culture. There’s also usually a pretty strong dose of irony or self-parody with American wiggerism.

It’s hard to even know when someone has gone full wigger, because there is such a spectrum of black language and fashion trends that are adopted ironically or semi-ironically. We all kind of listen to a bit of rap music, and use a bit of black slang.

The concept of going “full wigger” is pretty much dead now on this continent. I haven’t seen a legitimate wigger in years.

In Europe, I don’t know what’s going on, but wiggerism is in full swing, mainly ripping off Arabian Moslem gang members. Apparently, young white kids see the Moslems sucking up all the pussy like pussy vacuum cleaners, so they just start acting like Moslems? And pretending to be gangsters?

A white Swedish kid singing about gang violence is obscene, and is a blight.

I hate to ever say that any white teenager deserves to get kidnapped and sodomized by Moslems, but you can’t hardly say this kid wasn’t asking for it.


The rapper Einar was Sweden’s most played artist last year and has long romanticized the criminal life. Now images circulate where the artist himself has fallen victim to a criminal gang. The pictures show how he was kidnapped in a ‘vulnerable area’ [ghetto] and then subjected to abuse, rape and humiliation.

It was on Monday night that several pictures started circulating in social media. The photos show 18-year-old rap artist Einar surrounded by masked perpetrators. According to information in the pictures, these are from Snapchat and have been sent by an “Ali K.”

The pictures show how the rap artist is bloody in the face and also gets a knife-like object pressed in the face. The perpetrators have undressed the artist and then dressed him in a wig, women’s underwear and even a dog leash. Furthermore, the artist is said to have been raped by being penetrated with sex toys, which was supposedly filmed.

Generates millions of views

The rap artist is based in southern Stockholm and well-known among young people with over 228,000 followers on Instagram. His songs are exclusively about glorifying life in gang crime with a focus on drug trafficking and shootings.

The music has generated millions of views on YouTube. At the end of last year, Einar had over 120 million gigs on Spotify and was also awarded the prize of ‘this year’s song’ by the state radio in Sveriges Radio P3 Gold.

In connection with the artist’s career, Einar has been invited to participate in several television programs, including ‘Malou after ten’ and ‘News Morning’ to talk about his upbringing and life on the street.

Does not want to cooperate with the police

According to media reports, Einar does not want to cooperate with the police to identify and arrest the perpetrators. The police have opened an investigation into the kidnapping, but due to the artist’s unwillingness to cooperate, the investigation has not progressed.

On his Instagram account, Einar announces that he is doing well and will continue as usual.

“Yo yo yo, what happens to Instagram, yo. Your brother here. Walla, I have one thing to say to you only. Everyone out there can be kidnapped, everyone out there can be beaten. I am fine, I am alive and no one can do what I do so I will continue what I do as long as I stand on my legs, ”he says.

Sure, you can stand on your legs.

But can you sit on your ass, after those Moslems you worship and imitate shoved all of those objects into it?

This is the question.

The normal biological reaction to a foreign people coming into your lands and stealing your women would be… well, I think everyone knows what the biological reaction to that would be. I hardly need to spell it out.

But the people of Europe have been taught that they are evil if they harm a hair on the pretty little heads of these creatures, and that they cannot even speak out against them without committing an act of absolute darkness.

The reactions to this are varied. There are a small percentage of men, of course, who do join groups who want to expel the invaders. But the majority are going to withdraw from the world, hide, get into pornography and anti-depressant drugs. I guess the path that Einar chose was better than most, as I’m sure he actually is getting laid. I suspect other wiggers are getting laid in Europe. Women are so stupid, if you put up a show of being a violent maniac like a Moslem, they will want to have sex with you – even if you’re white.

It’s really just an unimaginably ridiculous situation we have here, where the most evolved people on earth are having to pretend to be violent, primitive savages in order to… get their own women to have sex with them. It was obvious to a lot of men in the 1900s when women were first pushing for rights that this is where things were going to end up.

Well, obviously no one could have predicted that these whores would flood us with brown sex toys from the Middle East – that one really came out of left field. But people were certainly saying that this would put women in charge, and enslave men, who would be feminized.

This sentiment is in much of the anti-suffragette literature and cartoons.

The situation is not working.

We are not reproducing.

Teenagers are having to pretend to be backward savages in order to have sex at all.

We need to take a step back and recalibrate.