Swedish Right-Wing Leader Goes to Turkey to Give a Speech on How Migrants Shouldn’t Go to Sweden

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2020

He can say whatever he wants.

Swedish women already invited all these migrants to Sweden.

And the law is: no take-backs.


The leader of the anti-immigration Swedish Democrats is determined to discourage migrants right from the off, telling them that they shouldn’t be counting on Sweden’s famed benefits, as the Nordic country is already “full.”

Jimmie Akesson traveled to the Turkish border city of Edirne along with his top aide, having in their sights people set to cross into neighboring Greece. Over 12,000 migrants amassed there shortly after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a power move in proclaiming they are free to continue their journey westward.

While at the border, Akesson and his entourage handed out leaflets discouraging migrants from making it into Sweden. “Don’t come to us. Sweden is full. We can’t give you more money or provide any housing. Sorry for this message,” the flyers read.

He was also pictured talking to aspiring migrants, purportedly delivering his message in greater detail.

The images of the Swedish Democrats (SD) leader made rounds on the party’s social media accounts, garnering numerous shares and comments.

Akesson himself was impressed with what he saw at the border, telling Swedish media that something should be done urgently to stem “the constant flow of migrants on their way to Europe.”

Talking to the migrants themselves is actually retarded, and really just a good way to get the Coronavirus.

Instead, they should be shipping guns and other weapons to the Greek military, who are trying to sink these boats.

I guess this is just a publicity stunt. But it is a dumb, dishonest one.

What is the thinking of someone watching this?

“Oh, he told the migrants not to go to Sweden, so now they’ll listen to him and realize they shouldn’t go to Sweden”?

They’re all going to Sweden, because Sweden gives them the most free money.