Swedish Rap Video Promotes Interbreeding with Animals

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016

Well, this is Sweden.

This offensive, derogative and obscene video exposes the overt Jew/Communist/Sexual Bolshevik agenda to destroy Europe.

Swedish taxpayers paid to subsidize the production through Swedish public service television (SVT) for broadcast across Sweden.

“SVT (Sveriges Television), from whose website the miscegenation video originates, is the government-controlled, ground-based television broadcasting monopoly in Sweden.

The video—Blanda Upp or “Mix it Up”—seems to have been part of a serial comedy-variety program called Grotesco. This program is the Swedish equivalent of Saturday Night Live (in recent years) or something on Comedy Central. It is not precisely a piece of direct, federal, top-down propaganda; but it is something that the producers of the program believe that their audience (people under twenty-five, I would guess) will find “cool” or “transgressive.” It is not so different from many “rap music” videos shown on MTV, which is to say that it is in extreme bad taste, inviting adolescents to condone or imitate the behavior of the worst and least assimilated elements of the society.

The degeneration of Sweden from ett folkhem (“a society of one people”) into a nihilistic multicultural tyranny is a pathetic spectacle. To put it in terms that readers of VFR can understand, the Swedish elites, who are spiritually akin to our own Janet Napolitano, have been laboring mightily to destroy their nation for forty years. Sweden has been socialist since the late 1920s, but the pre-multicultural socialism arguably made sense for an ethnically homogeneous nation. From Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman to Blanda Upp—that is almost like Atlantis, which, according to Plato, sank beneath the waves in a single day and night.”