Swedish Radio Station Wrapped in ‘Nazi Tape’ to Celebrate International Lampshade Day

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2015

The P4 Dalarna radio station was covered in hazard tape on international lampshade day by the Swedish division of Nordfront.

The Swedish Nationalist organization Nordfront has made the national news with their latest action against the on going replacement of our people.

On Holocaust Day, they wrapped the buildings of promoters of the hoax in hazard tape, making them look like the scene of a crime.

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The letter told the station that Swedes were sick of hearing about dead Jews and there were far more important issues that needed reporting.

The Local:

Staff at P4 Dalarna radio, which is part of Sweden’s national public radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio, discovered tape put up by neo-Nazis blocking the entrance to their office’s main entrance on Tuesday morning.

The tape was installed by a Nazi group sometime before 4am on Tuesday morning, “encouraging” the channel not to report on Holocaust Memorial Day, which is commemorating the date Jews were freed from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps in Poland.

The letter attached to the tape said:

“The Swedish people don’t want to hear people nag about the dead Jews today. This is old and dusty. We should focus and shed light on real tragedies such as the huge amounts of immigrants that are coming to Sweden or the genocide in South Africa. Not with best regards, from the Motståndsrörelsens Kampgrupp in Dalarna.”

Motståndsrörelsens Kampgrupp is a sub-group of the neo-Nazi Swedish Resistance Movement.

This type of manifestation is a first for the station in Falun, which is the capital of Dalarna County in central Sweden, its assistant editor Johannes Rosendahl told The Local on Tuesday.

“They often let us know how they feel on Twitter, or in their own forums, basically saying that they hate us,” he said. “But this message really about our reporting – telling us not to report.”

Nordfront and other groups carrying similar messages are constantly referred to as hardcore Neo-Nazi extremists by the media, but in reality is there anyone who wants to keep hearing about this Jew hoax?  I mean, even if you believe it happened, do you really think it makes sense to be reminded of it every hour?

Well over a dozen media offices and government buildings were cordoned off with the tape.