Swedish Police Stop a Car of Peace Filled with Explosives

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2017

I wonder why they don’t provide a description of the suspect…

A car crammed full of explosives was stopped, for some reason I doubt it was a White British man.


In connection with a vehicle inspection of a passenger car on road 103 outside Lomma, objects were found that could be considered explosive. The police’s national bomb protection was summoned and has begun the investigation of the vehicle.

The case is detected in a conventional vehicle inspection and the detained person is the driver. The locks will remain at 07:00 when the bomb guard is still working on the spot. For further technical reasons, no further details on the case can be released initially.

The car driver, a man at the age of 45, is suspected of preparing for general devastation. The action on site has been discontinued and the car is being seized. The work continues with investigation measures during the day.

Would those further technicalities involve laws against naming migrant crime by chance? It seems like this is information the public should know.