Swedish Nationalists Tell Immigrants to Get Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2015

The Swedish nationalists of Nordisk Ungdom marched through the streets of Stockholm on Saturday carrying signs that read “refugees go home” and chanting “Mohammed, Abdullah, go away!”

Kebab removal quest continues.


Nordisk Ungdom does not have an English website. Here is their Swedish one.

And here is a bit from Wikipedia about them.

Nordic Youth is an extra-parliamentary right-wing and ethno pluralistic youth organization within the white power-rörelsen in Sweden, founded in 2010.

In its outreach, the organization including resisting a mosque building site on Hisingen in Gothenburg, harassing a teacher and threw a cake in the face of the so-called “cake-woman”, previously threw a cake in the face of Jimmie Åkesson.

State media council assesses the Nordic Youth as a fascist and radical right-wing populist organization, and says that the organization incorporates “ideological elements and policies of the Italian social fascism”, and describes the premises Stack as “the first fascist social center in Sweden.” Expo categorizes Nordic Youth as a Nazi and right wing activist organization and also in the media present the same description of the organization.

This type of action needs to become a daily event in every White country. Exposing the masses to it normalizes it and makes them more prone to accept it even if they’ve been brainwashed against it. Such marches also encourage those who already agree to get involved.