Swedish National Food Body Attacks Boys and Men for Eating Meat, Says It’s Bad for the Planet

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2019

The evil practice of enslaving innocent cows and forcing them to pick and eat all of the grass with their ruminant mouths just so men can then eat them and get all of that highly nutritious eaten grass in an instant without even breaking a sweat is an unjust, uncivilized, brutish patriarchal practice that doesn’t belong anywhere near current year.

Real men pick their own cotton and eat their own grass.

Sputnik News:

Sweden’s central supervisory authority, tasked with protecting consumer interests in matters relating to food and healthy eating habits, has accused men of sticking to a meat diet for the sake of masculinity and urged them to “challenge the meat norm”.

The Swedish National Food Agency has sparked a hot debate with a contentious Twitter post, where it shamed boys and men for eating meat, which it suggested is unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly.

Men and boys eat the most meat, which is not good for health and environment. How can the meat norm be changed? You don’t have to eat a lot of meat to be masculine or build muscle”, the National Food Agency tweeted, adding hashtags like “sustainable food consumption”

Saying that men and boys eat the most meat and that meat is bad for the environment is no different than saying that men are guilty of harming the environment, so this is yet another open attack on men.

It should come as no surprise considering how Swedish Sweden has become.

However, many interpreted the government body’s call to “challenge the meat norm” as uncalled-for activism.

“Yet a better suggestion: Kick all left-wing activists from the National Food Agency. Meat is excellent from both a health and an environmental point of view. Grazing livestock is of crucial importance for biodiversity. ‘The climate threat’ is a huge political scam. Unkind regards,” an angry user wrote back.

“You really are the worst. Do you think men eat meat because it’s ‘masculine’? Are you really that retarded or are you just looking to provoke?”, another one wrote.

“Had I been prime minister, whoever wrote this tweet would have been kicked all the f***ing way to Finland. Alternatively, the entire authority. What the hell are you doing for MY tax money?” Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge tweeted.

“What in the world is this? Government activism has spread from weapons and hunting-haters in the police to meat haters at the National Food Agency. Imagine the joy of being a Swedish meat farmer being met by something like this from the state,” another user mused.

“Eat s**t!” yet another user retorted testily.

If only Swedes presented that kind of opposition to the rest of the suicidal policies pushed there, they’d all be significantly better off.

TheNational Food Agency later explained itself, tweeting that it didn’t mean to urge all people to go vegan. “On the contrary, animals grazing on natural pastures are needed. But you don’t have to eat meat to build muscle, there are many successful athletes who are vegetarians,” the agency wrote in self-defence.

Despite estimates showing that less than 10 percent of the Swedish population of over 10 million is vegetarian, the country’s media have in recent years been heavily campaigning against meat consumption, which is seen as a climate burden due to its carbon footprint.

Did a Swedish authority just assume that men want to build muscle? Are they allowed to openly talk about such stereotypes in the currentness of our year?

Supreme Vegan Doctor Greger is living proof of the benefits of not eating meat.

Indians are mostly vegetarian and they’re all dirty and ugly, and their environment is a nightmare, which goes to show that there are much more important things to take care of in regards to environmentalism before even considering eating meat as a possible problem.

Vegans all look very unhealthy and insane.

If they’re asking people to become all dirty, ugly, unhealthy and insane in order to save the planet so the billions of browns and blacks in it can continue to reproduce indefinitely, then they’d better come up with another plan to save it.

We’re gonna keep turning cows into steak.